Exact dimensions are nowhere to be found, not even on the manufacturer’s website. According to customer descriptions, the visor is about the size of sunglasses. It protects the eyes well from the sun and even at higher speeds from headwinds.

What grades did the individual open face helmets receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal open face helmet test winner from the following list:

First place – good: HELMETS® AV-63 from ARMOR – exemplary Internet price: 100 Euro

Second place – good: helmet half shell from Mil-Tec – exemplary Internet price: 36 Euro

Third place – good: Open face helmet with long visor H710-RT by Protectwear – exemplary Internet price: 57 Euro

Fourth place – good: Open face helmet H740 with integrated sun visor from Protect Wear – exemplary Internet price: 69 Euro

Fifth place – good: SP-325 Plus from Soxon® – exemplary Internet price: 90 Euro

Sixth place – good: Sprint Rebel Star Open Face Helmets by Origine helmets – exemplary Internet price: 98 Euro

Seventh place – good: W-002 from Westt – exemplary Internet price: 76 Euro

Eighth place – good: Rune von Held – exemplary Internet price: 60 Euro

Ninth place – good: Open face helmets YM-627MBL-2 from LANXI YEMA – exemplary Internet price: 80 Euro

Tenth place – good: Motorcycle helmet from Origine – exemplary Internet price: 82 Euro

With 3 products, the open face helmet manufacturer Westt has the most open face helmets in the comparison table for the open face helmet comparison.

Which manufacturers did the editors compare and evaluate in the open face helmet comparison?

In the open face helmet comparison, best scooter for 5 year old we present 14 different products from 12 different manufacturers. Take a look at our table to see which open face helmets convinced the editors the most.

Within which, price category are the open face helmets from the open face helmet comparison?

The open face helmets in the open face helmet comparison can be classified into three different categories: From the most expensive product for 99.95 euros to the middle price range with 76.27 euros to the cheap product for 35.68 euros, we have selected various open face helmets for you.

Which open face helmet received the best customer rating overall?

The rune of Held was not only particularly positively noticed by our editors but was also rated above average by customers with 4.5.

How many open face helmets were rated “VERY GOOD”?

In the open face helmet comparison, none of the products was rated “VERY GOOD”,but after a comparison of the 14 products, best electric stakeboards we were able to identify a test winner and other good open face helmets.

What other items were customers who bought an open face helmet looking for?

Our research has shown that buyers who have placed an open face helmet in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as jet helmets, roller helmets, and roller helmets for women.