If the hold’em site is playing well, it must be a situation with relatively more chips or Big Stack than others. When the play environment is good, you can use more different strategies and there are many ways to go. On the other hand, you may have to imagine going all-in when the play doesn’t go your way or when you’re in crisis. We must respond wisely according to the situation.

How to play on Big Stack

Nothing beats a bigger stack on a 온라인홀덤 site. If you have a lot of points, it’s very simple to use them to increase your points further. Indiscriminate bombing is one of them. It can become a bomb and explode on its own, but you need to control the strength and weakness well. If you lose big boards in a row with a lot of careless play and see your points go up and down, it’s because it can shake your heart and make it irreversible. The strategy of constantly pressing the board using many points is fear itself for the opponent.

If you are scared, you will die

First of all, having a lot of points puts a lot of fear and burden on the opponent. Whether you’re betting, smoking or fussing, your opponents always have a fear. Make the most of this. This requires a continuous action.

Look like a ghost

​You shouldn’t give the impression that you’re settling for a lot of points and defending the game by defending those points. You need to create an atmosphere that will continue to rake in chips and will crush your opponents going forward. It’s good to try to talk often and show action to let them know that I’m not at the table and threaten you guys. These small actions inflict a lot more pain on your opponent than you think. For some reason, if I bet, I feel like I’m going to raise a hand, and it makes me feel like I’m holding a hand higher than me, so my opponent has no choice but to play with more and more atrophy.

Push the person standing on the cliff

As the points fall, the player has less and less to do. It also narrows the field of view, lacks variety, and makes even a bad hand toss all-in. You must push them forward with your financial strength. Chances are when your short stack opponent is blind. Even the marginal hand should push very hard.

Refrain from playing on the big board

The final way you can remain a winner is to avoid making big bet calls with your marginal hand. This means that the plate is getting bigger. You should always remember that the goal of the game is to increase your points and avoid big losses to survive until the end.​