A few things are important to remember when buying a forklift attachment. We will be covering some important features of a forklift attachment in this short post.

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Weight bearing capability

The attachment’s weight capacity is one of the most important aspects to be aware of. It is important to determine the maximum weight that it can hold. Only then will you be able load and transport specific equipment.

Types of forklift attachment

There are many forklift accessories that can be found in the market. Some of the most popular forklift attachments are: jib attachments; hook attachments; paper clamp attachments; drum clamp attachments; bale clamp attachments. bucket attachments. Sweeper type forklift attachements. Load stabilizer attachment, carton clamp attached, push and pull forklift attach.

Consider the type of load material that you are carrying and determine which attachments will best suit your needs.

Can the attachment be rotated with the load

When buying forklift attachments, one of the most important aspects is their ability to rotate. This is one of the most common functions you’ll find in many forklift attachments.

Lifting height

You should check the maximum mast lifting height. This is an important factor. The task or function to which the mast is being used can affect how high it will rise. The electrical forklift attachments can be used to electronically control the mast height using buttons.

Can they be mounted and dismounted

You may find forklift attachments that allow you to install different types of clamps. These are multipurpose lifting tools that can lift different types of loads. If you have to lift a bucket, you can use the bucket holding clamps. For paper, you can use the paper clamp attachment. You can use the hook or jab attachments to suspend, and crate clamps to handle crates. There are many options available, which can lead to cost savings.