Have you been a victim of any recent beer frauds? Please let us know if. Bars and pubs are closed until the 4th week of United Kingdom coronavirus locking down starts. In the wake of this lockdown people are drinking more harmful drinks at home, and they are purchasing more dangerous drinks.

One scammer seems to be trying to earn money by stealing money from Heineken Whatsapp Scand2022by pretending to be Heineken the world-renowned Dutch Brewery. They could try to convince people to sign up for free beer kegs, and then steal their personal information.

The Heineken Scam

WhatsApp users who are in the United Kingdom get an unauthentic message that purports to offer an “offer” that claims that a well-known beverage company will give away free drink containers.

You will be requested to click an unauthentic link from their website. You will be presented with an advert that reads “HEINEKEN STAY HOME with 4 FREE kegs” (probably Heineken Cooler Competitionscam ). Then, you’ll be prompted to take an email survey. The survey only takes just a few minutes and you’ll be qualified to win the prize.

The most popular messaging app WhatsApp is the focus of the scam. The app asks users to divulge the personal information of their users so that they can keep it or stolen in the future.

There aren’t any discounts. It only gives you a compromised bank account as well as stolen cash. The scam was first exposed in the year 2018, and has continued to be a problem for years afterward.

What year and where was the gratuit Heineken first begin?

In 2018, individuals began getting fraudulent Heineken correspondence. Hackers have apparently changed the title of the scam. They are now focusing exclusively on COVID-19 Lockdown in their main message. They also offer complimentary drinks to get those to stay.

Heineken acknowledged in the year 2018 about in 2018 that the WhatsApp fraud as a fiction. Heineken made a statement immediately when the fraud was exposed.

They said that Heineken gave away free kegs of beer as a way to pay tribute to the 140th anniversary of its founding. Codegreen Solutions recipients were asked to share the announcement.

Please note that we have not supported the consumption of harmful alcohols, and the information we have provided comes from sources on the internet. We advise users to keep an eye on this issue and steer away from it.


Think about the possibility of a Heineken company who sends you an WhatsApp message promising the possibility of sending you free products. In this scenario the government suggests that the message be not clicked on, attachments are not opened or opened, and that no replies be delivered, and that you go to the government’s website to report the incident.