Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, a singer from Guatemala.The aged 58, he is currently performing in the middle of his “Black and White” tour which takes him to various European countries. The majority of the time , he’s with his girlfriend who is the Venezuelan model Deisyarvelo with whom he’s had a love affair for over 20 years.Ricardo Arjona and Deisy Arvelo. Source: Terra archive

Ricardo Arjona met Deisy Arveloin 1998, when she was the lead in her viral video clip titled “Dime que no’. The attraction was instantaneous and they started to go out with a formal appearance soon after. It wasn’t until 2006 that they became engaged, and a couple of years later, they welcomed their son named Nicolas whom was Adria Arjona’s stepbrother. They also have Ricardo the artist’s elder sons.

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In the present Ricardo is currently in charge of his son Nicolas. is in a solid partnership to Deisy who is engaged in various advertisements and also oversees the education of Nicolas, his son. Nicolas and also to coordinate his schedule to allow the family to be together for a time.Deisy Arvelo two decades ago. Source: instagram @deisyarvelo_

Deisy ArveloShe is extremely active on social networks , where she has already amassed more than 20,000 followers from across of the world . On these, she posts photos of her familymembers, her travels, pets and friends, among others. Recently, she shared a picture of a time she was the most beautiful fashion model from Venezuela and made sure that everyone had their mouths wide.Deisy Arvelo two decades ago.

Source: instagram @deisyarvelo_

In the photo they are pictured with Ricardo Arjona and RicardoShe wears a white and black bikini as they pose next to the palm tree at the beach in paradise. Deisy Arvelo is a loose blonde hair that has curly curls and a delicate makeup that emphasizes her attractive features. She is also years younger.