A big get-together is a sporting, cultural or leisure event that aims to make or break a profit, and over a period of time, a lot of people gather in a place not intended for that. Therefore, it requires a certain security device.

Listening to Congress about this was exactly where the dismissal came from. “Large meetings” should provide the security file to the governor and the prefecture as soon as possible. Particular attention should be paid to issues related to the safety and accessibility of facilities, 스포츠중계 aspects (traffic, parking, information for road users, access to emergency services and law enforcement), health aspects, fire safety and civil protection.

The prefecture combines emergency and security resources with various stakeholders. If necessary, you can form a training team that evaluates and makes possible changes to your proposed security measures (SAMU, endandarme). Calculated risk report on the favorable and unfavorable elements of the project.

The mayor has the right to ban demonstrations

 Assuming it could be detrimental to society. Do not assume that these are large-scale gathering activities planned and taking place in an area under the control of the Security Council (open space, approved area). The municipality must be notified of the event, which brings together more than 1,500 people (community and employees) a year and a month before the event.

At least one month before the event, the governor must have the following document:

Famili Organizer’s surname, name, position (name and location of the legal entity);

Character The nature of the event;

 Date, time, place;

 Construction skills (stadium, space);

Estimated number of expected audiences;

Number of contributors to the organization;

Date and opinion of security measures taken (fire, panic) and last security committee;

It is possible to create a security service (number of people, guarding, instructions, etc.). This measure is optional; depends on the circumstances, problems and risks involved.

If your doctor finds that the security measures you have implemented are inadequate, you may need to strengthen the security service or the planned system.