There are lots of misunderstandings gathering around the company formation in the UAE. Brand registration UAE through the company owner itself or an agent is considered to be a burdensome task. But the fact is totally different, the company set up and working is a matter of few days. There are many myths about the formation of a company that is discussed below.

Too expensive to start a company

The biggest myth of the era is that it is too expensive for a company to get established and run smoothly. If you hire a registered agent in between then it will only cost extra which is the fees of the agent. You can check the registration fees from the official site and go for the cheapest company formation option where you can make less expense and gain a more profitable company. Further cost related to an ongoing business is mandatory and it depends on the type of business you are establishing.

Any person can register a company

At certain points, brand registration UAE can be achieved by anyone but somehow it is not a complete truth. There are some limitations for the director of the company registered, not every person is eligible to become a legal owner of a company.

  • The age restriction of the director is 16.
  • He should not be bankrupt.
  • He must not have previously been disqualified from the post of company director due to any reason.

Company registration took a long time

The process of company registration is only the submission of forms and papers to the company registrar. The whole process after submission takes a few weeks or months in case there are some errors or misleading information. You can also register your company by hiring an agent who will submit the documents and forms online on your behalf. This will take only a day or two.

Personal information will be publicized

Although there are many pieces of information that are an important part of the company formation in UAE for the transparency and trust developed among investors, clients, and the staff. Some personal details must be kept confidential due to security reasons. Only legal requirements necessary such as owner’s name, address, etc. are public due to the recognition of your brand and organization.

The Secretary of a company always required

In the companies Act 2006 execution, the secretary requirement was legally essential but now it is not a compulsory action. Although if someone needs to hire a secretary, he is welcome to do so in other cases, the director of the company will have all the responsibilities.


There are many more myths associated with the company formation in UAE and brand registration in UAE. All you need to know is there is only a legal framework that is compulsory to attend otherwise it is your own choice to keep the company at a smaller and cheaper level or a big enterprise. Your company setup process is completely protected and secured. Make your move and get started now.