Jerusalem may not seem the typical destination for a traveler without a religious affiliation, but the city’s cultural renaissance lures visitors who want to see outside its theological character. The town is mysterious yet alluring, firmly establishing itself as a modern setting while keeping the old, mystical pull for which it is most well-known.

Thing To Know Before Visiting Jerusalem

Jerusalem frequently headlines the news, mainly when hostilities arise in the long-running Palestine and Israel dispute, a subject that is immensely complicated and has no simple answer. 

Its region continues to be among the most polarizing in the globe due to many factions, alternatives, conflicts, groupings, calls to arms, human rights organizations labeling the scenario as “a form of Apartheid,” and the ongoing illegal construction of colonies.

Is a Trip to Jerusalem Safe?

Jerusalem is relatively secure to visit, although you will notice that there are additional security precautions in place in the city’s center, especially around the Old City. Wherein individuals of all religions coexist but maintain a contentious location due to internal issues. 

The area of East Jerusalem is frequently the focal point of the Jerusalem fighting you read about in the media and is seen by Palestinians as the capital of Palestine.

Activities in Jerusalem’s New City

There are many charming neighborhoods to explore in the New City of Jerusalem, and the downtown area is bustling. Abraham Hostel, a lively and popular gathering place for travelers, was centrally placed near the Davidka Square station of the Jerusalem Light Rail. It includes getting the option to stay in the city’s contemporary area while still being conveniently close to the Old City for the ideal touring itinerary.

Shopping in Mahaneh Yehuda Market

Maheneh Yehuda Market on Agripas and natives never lie about good cuisine, so I believed him. The mood is exciting when you go through the aisles of stalls selling delicacies, fresh vegetables, fruit, fresh bread, loaves, nuts, desserts, poultry, and lots more.

Explore Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road to Experience New City Life

The New City’s central thoroughfare, Jaffa Road, links all this together. It is lovely to wander along and turn into the dining, and shopping sections tucked beyond it in some beautiful and artistic locations. After dark, pubs and neighborhood hangouts fill the area around Zion Square with the sounds of people mingling and enjoying local brews like Goldstar.

Activities in Jerusalem’s Old City

The Old City is at the center of all the attractions in Jerusalem. Many individuals have battled for and controlled it for thousands of years; it is both revered and disputed as the holiest center to all three monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is seen as containing the world’s history.

Explore Every Neighborhood In The Old City

This old fortress’s Armenian, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish quarters are divided by a maze of routes flanked by stone buildings. It is not always necessary to understand the complex and delicate history to recognize the architecture, historical artifacts, and charged ambiance here.

Explore The Golden City

Having to explore such a mesmerizing place is one of the things we want in life. We can’t deny that Jerusalem has everything we want to learn about the past, no matter our religious stand. Good thing there are ways we can explore this beautiful place at home through Unbox Jerusalem, a fun and exciting game to be played at home with everyone else.