There are lots of apps for editing photos and making your Instagram account perfect. Gramho is a company that makes photo-editing apps for both Android and iOS, and the company’s newest app is created with Instagram users in mind.

Gramho is billed as an Instagram editor and viewer that lets you do more with your posts, which could come in handy if you think this app will take your Instagram game to the next level.

This app is an Instagram editor and viewer that lets you do more with your posts. With this app, you can edit your posts, check the view count, see how many people have saved your post, etc. Gram also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to keep posts for later, hide posts from your feed, and more.

Gramho is available for free on Google Play.

Use Gramho as a photo editor and a viewer.

This app is a tool you can use to edit and view your photos. You can view the entire photo at once, see the detail of each pixel, or zoom in to see the tiny details. You can also easily crop, adjust brightness, do color fill, and do more things with a single image.

Edit your Instagram posts.

Gramho is an easy-to-use app for Windows that makes it easy to edit your Instagram posts. It lets you crop images, add text and graphics, draw with your fingers or mouse, set a border and background color, change contrast and gamma levels, and adjust curves and brightness/contrast. Gramho is free and there’s nothing to download or install – just click the link above and start editing!

Check your view count on a given Instagram post.

Gramho is a super easy-to-use Instagram analytics tool, which will help you see how many times your posts have been viewed on Instagram. All you need to do is enter the post URL, and the app will retrieve the view count from Instagram.

Find out how many people have saved your post.

See how many people have saved your post by Gramho. The better your content, the more interest there will be in your posts and the more people who will want to save them.

Download your own or other users’ photos and videos from Instagram.

Gramho is a Windows Phone app that allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram. We made it for ourselves hoping it might be helpful to others too, hence this free version. This app is not associated with Instagram and all content downloaded through the app is used only by you.

In addition, you can use the Snapchat application if you want to interact a lot with video – picture messages.


Gramho is a handy tool for anybody who uses Instagram

Final thought:

As you can tell, Gramho is a relatively basic app design-wise. That said, its functionality is just what today’s Instagram users need. Gluon Mobile has successfully crafted a simple and intuitive tool to enhance your everyday Instagram experience. 

The app’s ability to break down the barriers between the Instagram app itself and its audience is exciting, as it brings us one step closer to a more seamless user experience. It may be an early look into the future of Instagram, but right now it doesn’t have much competition. This means those looking for an Instagram alternative should check it out.