Two billion smartphone users are making use of the Google photo app to save their photos. Google photos was available for free to users before however, from the 1st of June 2021, it will become charged to users. Google photo storage is completely free app which is beneficial to users who want to keep their photos for a lengthy period of time. It’s a safe and secure method of protecting your images with a dedicated space offered by Google. In the moment, Google is charging an amount for space to store photos. However, prior to this, it is a space that is free to those who make use of it for personal or professional motives.

The reason Google is charging photographers for space within the application

It’s a big arrangement for Google to increase cloud storage, with a constant increase in transfer of customers. It is a huge repository of photos that are stored by users of this app, which is why it’s not easy to get it to be free for Google. Many users are using the free storage space, however, starting in June, it will no longer be available for free. They must pay a set amount to store their images on Google’s Google application.

If you’re in search of additional space to use the application, you’ll need be prepared to cover per month (Rs 130)/yearly (Rs 1,300) costs for 100GB and the past. For 2TB and 200GB customers, the cost is the amount of Rs 2,100 (Rs 220/month) and 6500 rupees (Rs 350/month) for annual plans in addition. You can also share the space with family members or acquaintances.

It’s not free, but If you’re feeling a little uncertain about what you should do following June 1st 2021, you’re not alone. Google photo storage software is currently in high demand due to its advantages. There are many users who have agreed to pay Google fees for storage of photos.

Amazon photo

It is a great option and convenient for Amazon Prime customers, as they will get unlimited storage in the event that they continue to use the membership. For India, Prime membership costs monthly at Rs 99, and for a yearly agreement users must pay the sum of Rs 999. This is the most affordable choice in comparison to Google Photos. Amazon Prime members get unlimited cloud space as well as benefits such as access for Prime Video, Prime Music and exclusive lighting deals during the festive seasons as well as a no-cost few days of conveyance to purchase on Amazon E-commerce. However, these Amazon Photos are only available through Google Play for Android. Apple iPhone proprietors may need to use iCloud at present.

Microsoft OneDrive/Microsoft365

The essential Microsoft OneDrive arrangement offers 5GB of cloud storage for free to sync photos and documents across devices, and share photos and even reports. In the event that you get a Microsoft 365 membership, you will get 1TB of cloud storage. It’s also a good bargain and, most importantly is it possibly one of the most sought-after cloud storage services within the corporate. For private uses, Microsoft 365 costs Rs 4,199 or 599 to the family plan. It’s a appealing choice for an alternative to Google Photos alternative, as Microsoft 365 likewise offers admittance to every Word configurations for use across all platforms and compatible devices such as iPhone smartphones, Android mobiles tablet devices, Macs and Windows PC.

Dropbox Basics

Another good cloud storage administration is Dropbox. Dropbox offers 5GB of cloud storage with the Basics plan and, in addition is absolutely free. You can upgrade Dropbox Plus for $9.99 (approx. Rs. 746) monthly or $119.88 (around 8952 rupees) for a year, and you get 2TB of storage on possibility that you require more. Also, there’s the Dropbox Family alternative for $16.58 (generally $1,238) month-to-month which is $198.96 (approx. Rs 14,850) annually.

Jio Cloud

It provides 50GB of free cloud storage. Users are able to get more storage with the “Allude and Earn” program and other promotions that are scheduled to run on a regular basis.

Mudbox Cloud Storage

Mudbox offers 1TB cloud storage at no cost to users. It can archive more than 300,000 pictures 250 or more movies or approximately 6.5 million page records.

DeGoo Cloud Storage

The application provides 100GB of cloud storage free and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Every time the user clicks on a picture the photo is saved on cloud storage. Additionally, there is Pro (500GB as well as Ultimate (10TB) for just $3 (approx. 224)/month. 224)/month as well as $9.99 (around the amount of Rs 746)/month choices.