A COS: During the 30-minute period, customers are provided with a simple massage service in a busy time that mainly includes physical muscle relaxation and contraction exercises. 30 minutes is absolutely not going to be a stretch, and on the contrary, most of the customers want to extend the massage therapy because they want to receive more massage because they are sure and professionally healed. We’ll do it.

Course B: It is no exaggeration to say that it is a representative course representing Rocket massage, used by more than 80% of customers who visited our Gangnam business trip massage for a given period of time (60 minutes). Most of the customers who have received these special courses before visiting our Rocket massage company often inquire to the company that they will come to Rocket again and again. An hour is not a long time by any means, but most of the customers say that an hour has already passed after using this special and special course.

Course C: 90 minutes, an hour and a half, as it is a course that takes into account the feelings of giving our customers time to our business trip company, our business trip company uses such precious time to guide customers to a certain course. Currently, this course combines massage therapy, which is directly hit with the mental part, which can be thought of as the end of healing that can surely provide satisfactory healing for all body types, so it is always used to heal both the head and body broken in daily life. We inform our customers that it is a course that is more than perfect.

Course D – 120 minutes and two hours, we express our gratitude to you for giving us the precious time to use Rocket Massage This course is recommended for seniors who want to experience our premium quality using all of our massage skills as much as they have free time equipped with basic massage therapies due to their excellent effect. We promise that you will experience a fresh course. In addition, we emphasize that the price is without bubbles, and you can meet a satisfactory course that includes discounts for a long time. I just hope that after watching the course, you don’t think of our company as a commercial traveler.

We always tell you that our business trip company operates the business at a ridiculously low price compared to other companies. We would be grateful if you would understand that we are absolutely not approaching customers for the purpose of making money.

I think you must have used other massage or 출장마사지 shops through false advertisements that are not always realistic. Customers, who have seen the reviews through our community bulletin board that we always know the importance of our customers’ money and time, and that our Rocket has close to 0%, can recognize that we are proud of our good quality.