Fuel Monitoring:

Fuel is one of the highest costs in any asset-extensive industry. The operational prices ascribed to fuel may be everywhere among 40-85 % relying upon the industry. Property owners need to cover more miles to enhance their business efficiency and cut fuel charges for efficient asset control.

At 123 Oil, we’ve brought sturdy Fuel Monitoring solutions to top-level organizations. We have included several devices and sensors for our customers. Our clients vow for our dependable services, actionable visions, and qualitative product. You get the whole option to manipulate your fleet in a single area with 123 Oil.

How do the fuel monitoring system work?

A fuel tracking device includes hardware and software solutions that make use of Telematics GPS technology to tune the belongings’ area, display their fuel levels and fuel intake patterns, telling you specific data for powerful Fuel Monitoring. The hardware solution comprises a fuel stage sensor and a compatible interface with any fuel tanks to offer you complete control over fuel dispenses.

The statistics can be accessed anytime and anywhere through an energetic internet connection. Most importantly, it’ll offer you vital records related to gas draining, fuel theft, gas overconsumption, wasting, etc. To help to your choice making to shop on fuel charges.

Why do you want a fuel monitoring system?

Anyone in Asset Intensive Industries dealing with fueling is aware of day-to-day challenges they should deal with related to Fuel Monitoring and control.

Here are a number of the important functions of implementing a fuel tracking device on your things which will help you get the most out of your assets by reducing useless wear and tear.

  • Tracking Costs

A fuel tracking machine gives you a unified platform, making it less difficult to view all the gas associated transactions in a single view; it lets you examine fuel consumption between properties, tune gas cost according to an asset, and you may also have the ability to look out for any unwarranted fuel transaction to check burglary and fuel leakages and so on.

  • Increased Insights

The fuel monitoring machine will assist you in mitigating human errors via powering your entire device. You can now rely on correct and updated facts like gasoline crammed, ate up, tired, etc. That will help you decide on your gas cost and intervene to any problems in advance, for that reason improving the overall performance of your property.

  • Prevent Fuel Wastage and Pilferage

Fuel robbery is a major issue affecting extra than 65% of agencies inside the disbursed asset business. False fuel consumption reporting, tampering with gas meters, untimely maintenance, etc. These are some methods of fuel robbery. A fuel monitoring device permits you to hold a log of whole fuel-related activities and alert you of any fraudulent activities in actual time.

Fuel Monitoring
  • Streamlining Fuel Reports

This is the most useful and critical characteristic of the gasoline tracking device. Its reports and shops all of the statistics routinely to help you make well-informed decisions about your property. You can select to generate and download reviews as consistent with your requirement to look out for troubles and plan your expenses over time.

  • Improved Assets Efficiency

The gas monitoring tool permits asset landlords to decorate their operational performance to encourage them to make price-powerful decisions via the correct visualization of real-time metrics. Managers may even remotely manage their property to improve efficiency by removing fuel misuse.

  • Alerts & Notifications

The fuel monitoring device detecting any type of theft or surprising fuel drop within the machine will immediately notify you of the suspected activity for instant reaction to prevent any unwanted scenario through SMS or email.

Fuel Management Solution:

Fuel is one of the largest charges for shipping operators. Improved gas performance throughout your fleet amassed over time will generate big savings for your business. 123 Oil is a company that presents fuel control solutions and Fuel Uplift Services for vehicle fleets.

Our fuel reporting suite lets you apprehend fuel consumption across your fleet and pick out exceptions and underperforming cars or drivers. Gaining better visibility over fuel consumption allows you to cope with specific problems and reveal progress through the years.


A fuel monitoring system might be the adequate funding you can need to make sure that each of your assets performs at its exceptional, helping you chop down your fuel fees and rake in extra profits, and choosing the proper gasoline monitoring era permit you to streamline your business operations permitting you to faster response when required.

At 123 Oil, we have a huge range of gas monitoring, Fuel Uplift Services, and control solutions, be it custom-made or off-the-shelf solutions, to take your business to the next stage.