Bars are undoubtedly one of the most happening places to be – it’s where you make drunken memories with your college friends, celebrate first jobs and engagements, and where years down the road you reunite over a favorite pint. And now the competition’s rising. Bars are popping up on every street, and customers are looking for an experience that leaves them full of feel-good memories. 

Of course, while your bar has its own aesthetic and story, adding little modernistic touches only works to retain the growing and ever-evolving clientele. Cue digital signage. In the time of technology, digitizing previously handheld items becomes a necessity, and adding digital signage to your bar is a step in that direction.

Confused about how you’ll incorporate it into your bar? Follow along, I’m about to share my tips on how to use digital signage for your bar:

  1. Positioning

When it comes to using digital signage in your bar, the first thing to think about is positioning – where are you going to be putting up your digital signboards? Things to think about here are visibility and overcrowding, as one is important and the other must be avoided. 

Make sure to hoist your digital signs at considerable heights to avoid damage while still allowing people to read them. And of course, the purpose of a digital sign is modernism, so make sure the positioning looks professional – no overlappings and jumbles. 

  1. Content 

The next thing to think about is the content – what’s going to be displayed on your digital signage? Remember, digital or otherwise, content needs to be appealing to the user, and with electronic mediums, there are an increasing number of elements to pay attention to. 

Take care of things such as color composition, sizing of the different elements, and necessary blank space. And if all of this seems too overwhelming, then you can simply use PosterMyWall’s digital signage content templates. With dozens of designs to choose from, PosterMyWall’s templates are the perfect pick for anyone who doesn’t know the basics of graphic design – yes, it’s really that simple! And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank as there are tons of free options on there! What a deal! 

  1. Videography

One of the greatest advantages of using digital signage over traditional marketing is that it allows you the flexibility of switching between content ideas and displays. And what better way to make use of this feature than with video content? 

You can play videos capturing the many features of your bar – the food, the interior, the drinks, and even any special events that you host – once people get to see video proof of what a good time your bar brings, they’ll be flocking to it themselves. 

And I know, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on creating video content – well, now you don’t have to! Simply head onto PosterMyWall and take a look at their business promotional video templates. So simple to use that even a complete newbie can create stunning content, these video templates take the stress out of the editing and compiling process, leaving you with marketing videos that make sales! 

And of course, the customization features allow you to align the video’s look with your bar’s aesthetic, all for free! Yes, really for free. 

  1. Interact

People love getting their hands on things, and a bar is the perfect place for interactive engagement given the happy and carefree atmosphere that envelops it. A great way to use digital signage for your bar is by making it interactive. 

Put up screens that display short multi-player games, let you take pictures, and order food to let your customers have the best time of their lives – the more you keep your customers entertained, the longer they’ll stick around! 

Of course, make sure to put these screens at a reachable level, and also to make their screens shatter-proof – no one wants any unfortunate accidents happening!

So, if you’ve got a gem of a bar hidden in the city then it’s time to spruce it up with some digital signage! And now you have a guide to follow – happy bartending!