Many electronics, IoT, electronic innovations or whatever you wish to call it, are unable to function every year, and fail.

Many people put a lot of effort and money into bringing an idea from scratch and turning it into the point of a final product. It’s certainly not that they didn’t work to do it enough.

It is a pain to watch the years of effort and hard-earned money disappear into the drain.

What’s the secret? What makes some devices work while others stand on shelves in stores in a state of disuse

Here’s a quote to summarize the subject.

You may have all the right engineering but it’s going to fail in the absence of a need for the product.

Case Engelen CEO – Titoma Design for Manufacturing

All you need to do is ensure that your target audience is willing to use and purchase your gadget before you begin the process of developing it and making it.

What’s so logical?

You’ll be amazed by the amount of people who don’t remember this particular aspect.

How do you ensure that people will have a need for your product?

Simple and straight to the point It is imperative to conduct the POC that is a proof of the concept.

This is about creating an initial prototype with off-the-shelf components that you can quickly and quickly get out in the field and examine your idea for a product.

It’s not necessary for this prototype in the end to accomplish the tasks you’ve imagined.

It’s about providing your prospective customers with a broad concept of what your product does and getting their feedback.

If they are able to use it, they’re interested in it. They realize the fact that it can solve a real problem, they can move on to advanced prototypes, and then move on to the full concept for manufacturing.

This is the very first step of creating a successful product First, ensure that it addresses a real need and that people are interested in it.

Correct engineering

As day and night complement one another and so do a brilliant idea that people are looking for and great engineering.

People are interested in your product, so great! Now it’s time to offer what people want.

You may think,”Okay, let’s find engineers to create the product and then send it to a place such as Vietnam and China for it to be made and then we’re done.

Yes, and no.

The concept is true; you require an expert team to develop and produce products, however it’s much more complicated in actual.

A lot of people approach the manufacturing and design process vertically

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

They start with the design of their product and move to manufacturing for the final step They work for months on the design they want to be able to produce easily.

This is the error.

You’re headed for a crash if you create a product that doesn’t consider the capabilities of the plant’s manufacturer.

After all the time and money adjusting the style, you’ll realize that it’s impossible to create or expensive enough to be profitable.

The answer is to partner in conjunction with an EMS ( Electronic Manufacturing Service ) service provider who knows the best practices for their business.


Two things require to build winning electronic devices.

1. Validate your idea. Ensure that it addresses a real need and that people are interested in it.

2. Ensure that you collaborate with a team of experts, or an EMS company that has introduced products prior to.

Easy to say than do you might think, yet adhere to these 2 rules, and your odds of success increase.