Friendspire is truly putting an impact on the lives of a lot of users. We at Friendspire our mission is to help you discover the top of everything. Everything you like including books, movies food, music and much more – you know what you like you and your family and Friendspire will assist you in finding it.

How It Works

Download the app and invite your friends to join you. Once you’re connected you, they begin leaving reviews of the books they’ve read, places they’ve visited and movies they have watched and podcasts they’ve listened to, and much more.

Friendspire provides you with honest reviews from your peers, saving hundreds of hours on food, entertainment and books that do not satisfy you. If you’re looking to do something fun in your spare time, a reliable and relevant recommendation is right across the street.

Ours is a community media network of reviews.

What categories are available?

Everything that makes you feel happy. Here’s a quick list for you:


Take a break with an incredible book. Immerse yourself in the surreal worlds made by the world’s most brilliant minds. Keep the high by reviving it with another.

TV shows

Do not scroll through your recommendations for movies begin watching the best TV shows from the genre you like.


Films have been in existence for more than 100 years. If you follow the right guidelines you will not be pressured to view a weak film.


There are podcasts available in a dime dozen. Find exciting podcasts featuring comedians, actors and others that you like. Your acquaintances are already aware of what it is that you like.


Get rid of the habit of eating the same meal over and over. Get to know a bit more and assure satisfaction by reading at your peers’ reviews that have experienced the restaurant.

Bars & Clubs

Relax and enjoy the coolest bars and clubs in the. You’ll be able to find those that are in tune with your music. Check out the ones that you liked the most among your friends.

What do I need to know?

As with any community that you join, you will get the most benefit from Friendspire only if you contribute to it. Therefore, you should share your thoughts on anything that you get. You’ll find that you can earn badges by completing the required number of reviews for every category, making reviewing enjoyable.

Furthermore, you can create lists of your favorite books and save them in the application. If you’re ever looking to read a good book or entertainment it will be clear where to go.

Are there no Friends on Facebook?

Even even if your friends haven’t joined Friendspire but, you can benefit from our recommendations from our experts to enrich your daily experiences. We created lists of recommendations in all our categories with featured reviewers which you are able to connect with. You’ll always have current and up-to-date content, regardless of how many friends you’ve got in the application.

Life is too short to waste spending money in bad restaurants or spent watching bad films. Be the best version of yourself in the presence of those who you enjoy and cherish.