Dubai is a magical place full of magical things which were never blessed by nature but were improvised by humans. The human resource and the architectural talent of Dubai have led the city to its current day’s development. In the present day, no other country can beat Dubai’s tourism industry because of the magnificent places and activities that are available here to do. You and your partner will never run out of a list of things to do in Dubai. But all of these activities are not cheap enough to enjoy. A considerable portion of your pocket will be invested in this.

But what if we say to you that there are free activities that you can make your honeymoon affordable in Dubai? So, what you are waiting for, grab your Dubai honeymoon package and come along to enjoy the following free activities in Dubai.

10 Free Things To Do in Dubai

Now, let us discover all those activities you and your partner can enjoy in Dubai without paying any cost.

1. Free Movie Under The Stars

Every Sunday from 8.30 pm onwards, the travelers have this excellent opportunity to enjoy the movies under the starry nights. This tremendous free activity is conducted in Pyramid Rooftop Complex. You can take a seat with your partner and lie down there enjoying the movie and the stars.

2. Complimentary View Of Dubai Aquarium

Dubai is well known for its giant aquariums, but the charges to watch them are high, especially in Dubai Mall. But what if you can enjoy the same view for free. Outside the Dubai Aquarium, a huge acrylic panel is placed with various marine that can be observed for free.

3. Free View Of The Dubai Fountains Display

Fountains shows are standard in Dubai as every big building at least has these dancing fountains at its entrance. But the best one that will make you stop and watch it is the one outside the Dubai Mall. Also, you get to watch this beautiful scene for free.

4. Free Entry To The Jumeirah Beach Corniche

A recent addition to the list of free visits in Dubai is the Jumeirah Beach Corniche, 18km. It encompasses 800 meters of beachfront, jogging tracks, picnic spots, showers, etc. It stretches up to the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

5. Free Car Gazing

Dubai is also famous for its car museum, but if you do not want to watch the cars, you can opt for The Walk at the Jumeirah Beach. Over there, the locals park their luxurious vehicles to show off. You can roam around in this area during the evening time.

6. Free Dance To The Peppy Numbers

To enjoy the songs from the old 80s and 90s, one must avail of the peppy numbers nightclub. The environment is quite shabby with leather sofas and oversized lamps. Enjoy the nightlife of Dubai for free and dance as much as you want for the entire night.

7. Free Visit To St. Mary’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church 1967 is one of the oldest churches in Dubai. Here you can enjoy the most religious essence. The place is well known for embracing the diverse generations of Catholics. Enjoy the aesthetics of the place for free and manage the time between 5.00 am to 9.30 pm.

8. Visit Burj Nahar For Free

Burj Nahar covers the three watchtowers of the city built in 1870, which was a protection for those towers. In the ancient days, the foundation of this building was done with mud and coral stone and held great historical importance. This monument was restored and is now a famous tourist attraction spot.

9. Visit Infinity Tower For Free

The next destination to enjoy free travel in Dubai is the Infinity Tower. This tower is the most captured destination in Dubai with twisted architecture. The entire building holds a twist of almost 90 degrees, giving it a fantastic look. There is no charge required to observe this marvelous piece of structure.

10. Visit Coffee Museum For Free

Travelers fond of coffee must visit the coffee museum in Dubai, where the entrance is free. The entire museum is based on the history of coffees and all the types of coffees grown worldwide. Here you will gain knowledge through the coffee books displayed here, which the readers also can refer to read.


Therefore, we discussed all the major free activities and the places to visit in Dubai for your honeymoon. Dubai is a marvelous place, and you can get the fullest out of this tour if you are aware of the places to go and activities to enjoy. Many couples remain unaware of these free deals and hence miss those. So, make sure that after booking your Dubai honeymoon package, you do proper research on the activities and places to roam in Dubai and the free activities to enjoy in Dubai like those discussed in this article. This article will truly make your honeymoon trip to Dubai cost-effective, and you can enjoy the maximum activities at a minimum cost.