The operation is very simple: you browse through the different categories and you can press the “play” button next to each song. If you like it, tap on the download button and download the MP3 audio to your computer to use wherever you want. You can filter if you want them to be free for commercial use or not and you can check if you want to see the full list or only instrumental songs. Free Music Public Domain

Here we find two types of downloads:

 for commercial use and for non-commercial use. The first is intended if you want to download songs for advertisements, for example. The second if you want to use the new song download in a university project or in a video that you are going to upload to YouTube. In this case, if we are going to make money from the project (such as an advertisement) we will need to fill out a form requesting permission and you may have to pay for it. If you simply want to use a video that you make with your friends, you will only have to cite the author as a CC license.

Otherwise, it’s the same as the rest: there are a number

 of categories that we can explore to find a sound that fits what we are looking for. The web can be more uncomfortable or messy than others on this list but just as useful. In addition, here we will find very specific categories such as music for Christmas or music for children or music for cartoons. Within each one, tap on “DOWNLOAD HERE” and use it wherever you want through the file.

Yes, Pickaway also allows us to download music for free,

 Without rights, for our videos from YouTube or any other platform. It is a website that you may know or use for other purposes, such as searching for photos. But it also offers us the possibility of searching for and downloading music without copyright. On its main page, in the upper menu, we must go to Music and we will find what they call ‘Royalty free music downloads’ and a search engine.

In the search engine we can choose themes by genre, artist, mood.

 Or if we are not sure and we want to explore the different options, we can go down and click on the filter button. A side menu will be displayed in which we can filter all the available themes. By duration, from songs of less than 30 seconds to songs of more than eight minutes; by musical genre such as electronic, indie, solo piano, rock or meditation music; by mood and, a filter that may be most convenient, by the theme of the subsequent production that we are going to make: music for a YouTube video, for a podcast, for a video blog, to use as background music …