Gmail is a fantastic email service for emailing basic messages: sending emails, receiving and responding to emails is easy and quick.

However, Gmail doesn’t do much more than it’s a tool for emailing. If you’re looking to succeed, you’ll need to make use of other apps or tools that can help you get work accomplished, alongside Gmail to send emails.

If you want, you can search for alternatives to the Gmail application on Windows and Mac with more built-in capabilities and features.

If you choose to use an email application that is more robust that also has productivity tools it, you can optimize your day-to-day routine and cut down on your time spent switching between apps to perform certain activities.

This article will cover the top Gmail alternative apps which you can install with any gadget.

5 Alternative Apps to Make Use of Gmail for more than just emailing


Spike is the first chat-based email app that transforms your email messages into conversations that mimic chat. This removes the clutter of threads and makes it more natural and faster to respond to messages with high priority.

If you’re an avid Gmail user the process of synchronizing with your Gmail accounts to Spike is simple and quick. It is possible to sync multiple accounts in case you wish to manage both your professional and personal emails all in one location and the ability to sync several Gmail calendars within Spike.

However, the Spike application isn’t limited to making your email chat conversations, and also managing your Gmail calendars from one location.

Spike was designed to limit context switching, which is duration of time spent switching between various apps or tabs to accomplish your tasks throughout the day.

The application comes with a variety of built-in features that will help you be more productive like video conferences as well as voice messages, notes for collaboration as well as to-do lists and tasks as well as group chats and many more.

If you choose to use Spike in lieu of Gmail application, you don’t have to use multiple apps to accomplish different tasks.

With Spike you can effortlessly move from responding to emails, conducting video-based meetings, or assigning and creating tasks. Spike is the most comprehensive workspace to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

2.Microsoft Outlook

If you’re someone who has to spend much of the time working within your Microsoft community, Outlook is probably an ideal replacement to Gmail to you.

Outlook is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s other productivity applications and tools, which include Office 365, OneDrive, Team, Skype, and many more.

Although you’re technically required to make use of various Microsoft apps for different tasks for example, such as holding video conferences It’s easy to change to another Microsoft platform right from Outlook.

Furthermore, since you’re using the same Microsoft account to access everything, you are able to add things such as the Microsoft Teams meetings to your calendar within Outlook. This will help you keep track of your agenda.

3.Zoho Mail

Zoho is an online email program specifically designed to work in collaboration. It works in conjunction and seamlessly with Microsoft Office and is compatible with Zoho Docs which is a native application to share, store and collaborating on spreadsheets, text documents as well as slideshows.

Depending on the version Zoho you select the service can be with Zoho’s chat and web-based meetings that means you and your colleagues can connect across Zoho. Zoho ecosystem.

4.iCloud Mail

For those who are avid apple users who are reading this, iCloud Mail is an alternative to Gmail accessible to iOS, macOS and watchOS.

The email client that is cloud-based has an incredibly basic email feature However, its seamless integration with other of Apple’s productivity applications can make it an excellent choice for those who use a variety of other Apple apps to get your tasks completed.

For instance, if all of your important files are already saved in iCloud, it’s simpler to include them in email messages when using iCloud Mail.

In the event that you’re already registered with your own Apple ID, that’s all you’ll need to do is sign up for an account for Free iCloud Mail account with 5GB of storage. In addition, if you’re using Gmail you can setup forwarding for your emails so that you can forward all your emails sent to iCloud Mail.

5.Edison Mail

Edison Mail is an email application that is compatible with Android and iOS specifically designed to give the most seamless mobile experience.

Its Edison Mail app lets you connect your other email accounts for example, Gmail or Outlook address, which means you can control all your personal and professional accounts from one place.

One notable feature that is unique to Edison Mail is the built-in virtual assistant. This useful tool will inform you of important events when they happen, particularly when it comes to change in your travel plans. For instance, it could notify you when flights are delayed or what the weather for your destination is. It can also notify you when packages are delivered.

It is important to note the fact that Edison Mail does collect e-commerce information that you have in your inbox, and then sell consumer information (which is why they can keep the app free). Therefore, if privacy is the primary worry for you, Edison Mail might not be the Gmail alternative you’re looking for.