Who doesn’t enjoy the relaxing sound of the sounds of death, mayhem and the intense tension of a tense mystery? It’s not anyone with the growing popularity of the procedural series as well as True Crime Docuseries. Everybody nowadays loves the thrill of a good mystery television show as well. Amazon Prime has a number of them , as well as other amazing shows and films. These are the top choices to get started on Amazon today if you are looking to watch a crime or crime-solving show.


Absentia was first aired in 2017 on AXN in 2017. It has since been renewed for its third season. The show follows the tale of Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) who is one of the FBI agent who is missing in the course of pursuing an infamous serial murderer in Boston. Her death is officially declared in absentia, meaning she was declared dead, however she is found six years afterward.

The woman returns home with no recall of the events that took place to her. She finds out that she’s the prime suspect in a series new murders. This is a show that will keep you at high alert and you’ll be able go through every episode prior to the start of the third season!

Stana Katic Patrick Heusinger, Cara Theobold, Neil Jackson, Angel Bonanni, Bruno Bichir, Paul Freeman, Ralph Ineson, Patrick McAuley, and Richard Brake are the cast actors.

The X-Files

Another Fox series that has enjoyed huge success, The X-Files was a nine-season series that aired from 1993 until 2002. It was renewed for two more seasons in 2016 and in 2018. Alongside it two films were made for the show. The first, entitled The X-Files, was produced in 1998 as a sequel of the series. Meanwhile, the second, The X-Files: I Want to Believe it was released in 2008.

The show was a follow-up to FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in their investigation of X-Files investigations, which are investigations that involve paranormal phenomena. The show, just like the earlier mentioned Twin Peaks, embraced a range of genres, making it a fascinating show that stood out from other crime dramas on TV. There’s a truth out there… It’s ready for you to enjoy it any time.

The group is comprised of David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, and Mitch.

The Night Manager

Tom Hiddleston stars in this British show based in John le Carre’s novel with the same title. The Night Manager is the name of a six-part BBC One program that debuted in 2016 before being taken over by AMC shortly thereafter. It follows the story that follows Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) who is a night manager at a hotel as well as a former British soldier who is employed to assist Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) to track Richard Roper, a weapons dealer (Hugh Laurie).

The show has won 11 awards that include the two Emmys along with the three Golden Globes, but no official announcement about a new season has been announced. For now, fans who appreciate the thrill of a good spy story will find the initial season to be an enjoyable consumption.

Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Debicki, Olivia Colman, David Harewood along with Tom Hollander are among the actors.


In early 2014. Amazon launched Bosch to be a part of Prime Video. The show follows an Los Angeles murder investigator named Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) and the numerous investigations that force him to face his past and assess his future. The show is following Michael Connelly’s novel City of Bones, Echo Park as well as The Concrete Blonde. It’s proven to be one of the platforms most watched series, as it’s been renewed multiple times and has no indication of slowing any time soon.

Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, Sarah Clarke as well as Madison Lintz are among the actors.


The first time it was aired at first on USA Network in 2006, the detective comedy was a huge success. Shawn Spencer (James Roday) was a young crime expert who could convince people that he could solve cases using his “psychic abilities,” although it was more because of his observational abilities along with his memory for photos. Gus (Dule Hill) the best friend of Shawn Spencer is hired to assist Shawn with his various cases.

The show was on for eight seasons from 2014, but the show was cancelled in 2014. The Movie is a two-hour T.V. film, aired just a few years later in 2017. Then, the sequel was revealed and was greenlit in early 2018 and a release date for the NBCUniversal Peacock streaming service set for later in the year. Evidently, the Psych fans have their own ability to ensure the show’s existence.

James Roday, Dule Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, and Corbin Bernsen are among the actors.