Your air conditioning unit should ideally be maintained always so that it functions and operates well all the time. As a homeowner, you would never want your air-conditioned to be broken down when you need it the most. There are several simple things that prevent the probable damages that would probably call for a repair or replacement. On the contrary, you can call a professional serviceman for the purpose of regular maintenance services of your air conditioning unit in order to enjoy more efficiency and enjoy the best results. If you’re wrongly handling the unit, this may lead to certain new issues.

Here is a brief guide on handling the air conditioner maintenance.

1. Clean & replace the air conditioner’s air filters

In case your air conditioner has a reusable filter, you should necessarily consider cleaning them regularly. Summer and winter seasons are the times when your air conditioner is highly used. So, during this phase, you should make it a point to clean the air filters of the air conditioners at least once every month. During the fall and spring, a single cleaning can conduct the trick. Cleaning would get you rid of the allergen particles, dust and dirt that would potentially hinder the proper airflow of the air conditioner. If there is a requirement, you may need to replace the air conditioner’s filter or you may hire an air conditioner maintenance expert who can help you in doing this.

2. Examining the thermostat

As a part of the air conditioner’s regular maintenance program, you should pay proper attention to the thermostat. This should work very well all through for your house to enjoy the most appropriate temperatures. One expert tip is to upgrade the mechanical thermostat to a programmable thermostat. This would help you in temperature controlling all across your home for creating a very comfortable work environment. This is a great feature that can save you a lot of energy as well as operating costs.

3. Checking the condensing unit

The fan that is mounted on the air conditioner’s condenser unit should be working in great condition. Also, you require to check this aspect once in a while and confirm. In case the blades of this fan have cracks and chips, then they should surely be replaced. If the air conditioning unit is very old, you should necessarily oil the motor bearings of the fan. You should also look for signs of overheating in the condensing unit. You should necessarily call an experienced air conditioner repair professional to handle these issues.

4. Checking the air conditioner unit’s wirings

An AC unit usually has several electrical connections and they should be part of the areas that you should check while conducting the maintenance checks. Checking the unit capacitor with the help of an electrical test unit & checking the contractor switch for any excessive pitting is also necessary. Sometimes, this may call for a replacement. Your local air conditioning expert would assist you well in doing any kind of component repairs or wiring.

5. Cleaning the air conditioner’s outer unit

Dust and dirt are some of the commonest buildups on the air conditioning units. They would potentially reduce the airflow and air conditioner’s system capacity. So, you should necessarily shut down the power & then remove all the accumulated debris to enable the air conditioning unit to continue working in perfect condition.


The air conditioner maintenance should never be ignored for the proper and seamless functioning of the air conditioner. Timely maintenance of the air conditioner also ensures that it is in good condition. Hence if you want to start a home improvement project then don’t miss to look into air conditioner maintenance.