Who is it ?: For everyone who wants to get out of the massage.

What are its benefits ?: Its main features and benefits are the prevention and treatment of immediate symptoms, orange peel, etc. It is suitable for removing liquid and uses grapefruit and orange oil for good results.

Scalp and facial massage

What are its features for whom?

What are the benefits? : Improves central nervous system function and physical healing processes, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Facial massage

Who is it for ?: It is for people who want to 스웨디시 their body, mind and soul.

What are the benefits ?: Its task is to balance the body and mind, combining relaxing massage, aromatherapy with natural scent.

What are the benefits?

Shiatsu massage

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits ?: It increases the body’s energy, improves the nervous system, improves menstrual problems, promotes blood supply and skin care. In addition, it helps restore the digestive system.

Massage with volcanic rocks

Whose is it? A: As there are no contradictions, it is recommended to everyone. What are the benefits? : These therapies are very deceptive because they focus on losing peace of mind and inner balance.

What are the benefits ?: There are 7 centers or “chakras” in the body that are responsible for connecting human energy to the forces of nature. Balances the body, relaxes and reduces stress; It helps fight pain and muscle aches as it can lead to internal imbalances.

Korindo facial massage

Whose is it? A: Of course for people who like to maintain their physical appearance.

What are its features ?: massage is a Japanese-based treatment that allows a patient to show a brown face and well-developed skin with a non-invasive technique.

What are the benefits ?: It rejuvenates and brightens the facial skin. It refreshes the facial and brain muscles.