The use of vaping is on the rise in Australia, with vaping sales reaching $125.14 million in 2019. With the growing popularity, you must also be intrigued to try out your first e-cigarette. However, finding the best starter vape kit in Australia can be pretty daunting, with numerous options available. But the best thing about the starter kits is that it has a complete package comprising the mouthpiece, tank, coil and battery, so you don’t have the hassle of buying them separately. Also, starter kits have some exciting flavours giving you some scope for exploration. Following is a complete guide to help you learn everything before you start looking for your vaping kit. 

Types of Vape Kits

A study in Australia reveals that using e-cigarettes increases the odds of quitting smoking by 68 per cent to 124 per cent. Hence, vaping kits have become popular recently, with different types of kits flooding the Australian markets. Some of the standard vape kits available for beginners are:

Vape pen: Vape pens are slim and cylindrical, offering ease of use. These kits have excellent wattage output and battery power. Moreover, vape pens have customisable settings so that you can adjust mouth-to-lung preferences and wattage output. 

Vaporiser pens also have a built-in refillable tank to keep the e-juice. It can help you save using a replaceable coil and tank.   

Pod kits: Pod kits use the latest technology. Here, the pods have built-in coils, so you don’t have to worry about coil changes. 

You can get pod kits in different sizes and shapes and varying battery life. It usually has enough battery life for someone smoking about 15-20 daily. 

Vape mods: Vape mods are an advanced form of starter vape kits that also allow you some customisation. You can get modifications in wattage, voice recognition, temperature control and power. Also, vape mods can be a bit more expensive. So, it is ideal for someone who wants to dive deep into vaping immediately.

Battery life

For the beginner trying to find the best starter vape kit in Australia, it is essential to learn about the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day. This helps determine the battery life of the vape kit.  

If you have long working hours, it is best to look for e-cigarettes with extensive battery life. Moreover, vape mods would be the best for you if you want durability and longer battery life. The batteries in vape mods are replaceable, so you can change them when the charge starts declining.

Tank capacity

Tank capacity is the amount of liquid the pod or tank can hold. Ideally, the tank capacity should be enough for use throughout a single day. It should get you through your 8-hour working day. If you’re a heavy smoker, smoking almost 30 each day, check whether the capacity of your tank is enough to meet the needs for the day.


A coil heats the e-liquid and vaporises it. There are different coils available suiting the needs of other customers. The choice of your coil depends on the type of tank you are using. Your tank manufacturer will provide more than one coil option with different resistance. High resistance coils produce cooler vape that is best for mouth-to-lung vapers, while low resistance coils produce larger clouds and warmer vapours that are ideal for direct-lung vapours.   

Vaping is one of the sought-after methods for several individuals trying to transition from smoking. You must get all the specifications right so you don’t use the wrong liquid or settings for your device. Therefore, assess your smoking needs and tailor your vaping kit to have a smooth transition.