In this report we have pointed out everything you need to know to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner, depending on your type of floor, needs and budget you have. A complete guide so you don’t make a mistake when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is becoming as complicated as choosing a mobile. There are many models and it seems that they are all the same, but they are not. For this reason, we have launched a guide to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner. We are going to review the models, the advantages and disadvantages and everything that must be taken into account to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner.

And it is that, although you think that a vacuum cleaner or the brush and dustpan of a lifetime are enough to keep a clean and tidy floor, and you are right, a robot vacuum cleaner makes our work much easier. They are automatic, they need little maintenance, we do not have to be aware of them and, in addition, there are models that are programmable.

Best of all is the versatility of all these devices, since it does not matter what size house we have, the floors, or the type of floor, there is a robot vacuum cleaner that adapts to our tastes. So, without further ado, here is a guide to choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filter

Although if you buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, it will most likely have a HEPA filter, it is possible that if you get an old and cheap model, or a second-hand robot, do not count on this. And it has its importance.

And it is that, the HEPA filter, basically, “purifies” the air that it sucks so that it does not come out turned into dust. If it does not have a HEPA filter, it is not capable of filtering air particles and it sprays dust into the environment.

Intelligent or less intelligent

All the models go alone, that’s the grace, go, but there are more… and less intelligent. The cheapest are those that have a navigation system based on free will, they pass through an area and, when an obstacle is found, they go to another area, but they do not follow a criterion.

The most expensive are those that map the room, either automatically, through sensors, or manually, with an application. If you want a robot vacuum cleaner that goes around the house, a model without a map is suitable, but a more expensive one, with a mobile application and the possibility of mapping the house, will also be more efficient both when cleaning… of managing the energy, since it will not pass through the same point twice.

Have pets?

We have already mentioned it, but if you have pets, it is best that you go for a robot vacuum cleaner that needs as little maintenance as possible and, for this; the best thing is a tank of at least 0.5 liters.

Also, keep in mind that the central rotating brush can “choke” on pet hair.

Accessories and spare parts

Now we will see which brands are the best known, but LG, Roomba and Cecotec are some of the recommended ones. They are well known and that assures us of two things: easy replacement and a good arsenal of accessories.

There are accessories of all kinds and they are useful to complete the functions that a ”non-intelligent” robot vacuum cleaner does not have compared to a top-of-the-range one. The function of virtual walls, which may or may not come as standard, is one of them.