Aesthetically printed in a range of eye-catching designs and patterns, digital laminates have gained the reputation of being one of the most graceful surfacing materials today. They can stimulate emotions and leave anyone inspired with the prints they come with. They are so elegant and beautiful that you will fall in love with them at first sight and cannot help praising them.

Digital laminates from Royale Touche provide you with excellent customizability and trendy appeal, meaning that you can find them in custom designs to make your creative vision come true. Apart from giving you the designs of your choice printed on laminates, they are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Royale Touche laminates come in a range of pre-designed and customized digital prints to meet the varied surfacing needs of every project. They are also available in as many colours as you may want them to have. This blog piece unboxes everything you need to know about digital laminates.

What are digital laminates?

Digital laminates are laminated sheets primarily used as a surfacing material for interior and exterior designs. Manufactured by fusing kraft papers and a decorative layer with melamine resin, these sheets are known to offer unmatched aesthetics and excellent performance wherever installed. There are mainly two processes of manufacturing them, which are not much different from each other except for the degree of pressure applied in the pressing process. Based on the pressure applied, these sheets regard as low-pressure and high-pressure laminates. They feature high dimensional stability, which makes them tolerant to moisture and wear and tear.

Applications of digital laminates

Since digital laminates bring versatility to the table, you can use them to design domestic and commercial settings alike. Some of the areas where these laminate sheets find applications include walls, furniture, wardrobes, bedrooms, living rooms, office interiors, reception areas, etc. However, their applications are not just limited to these spaces alone. You can install them to create lively and chic ambiances.

Life span

Laminates guarantee longevity. The ones from the best laminate brand in India are durable enough to last for more than ten years. And if you give them proper care, they can last even longer without losing their shine and beauty.

If you are looking for premium quality digital laminates for interior decor, Royale Touche is where your quest will end. Royale Touche laminates feature long-lasting shine, unmatched designs, trendy appeal, easy maintenance, heat resistance, and anti-scratch properties, to list a few. As for durability, they have no match in the market.

Proven benefits of high-pressure, digital laminates

  • Cost-effectiveness

What makes digital laminates a desirable surfacing solution is budget-friendliness. They are more economical than other alternatives, such as hardwood, marble, granite, stones, and ceramics. Incorporating them into your space won’t cost you much in the pocket. You can buy them at budget-friendly prices. Also, they do not let you bear high-installation costs. So, individuals with a moderate budget can choose laminates as their go-to option for interior designs.

  • Versatility

You can find high-pressure laminates in a range of custom and pre-designed options to design a dream space. They are an all-in-one solution to your diverse surfacing needs. With laminates adorning your home or office, you can make the ambiance look more pleasing, lavish, and personalized. They are so versatile that you can install them anywhere you want and give life to your creative vision.

  • Easy to install

Laminate sheets are undeniably easy to install. Whether or not you are an expert interior designer, you can install them with utmost ease. So, individuals with limited time to complete their remodelling projects can opt for laminates as their surfacing material. Even if you hire professional designers, you will not need to spend much time and labour to get laminates installed.

  • Resistant to scratches

One of the many impressive features of high-pressure digital laminates is that they are highly resistant to scratches. So, their durability remains beyond question.

  • Smooth surface finish

If you are looking for a material that offers a smooth surface finish to your interior design, digital laminates stand top of the list. So, they have become one of the choicest surfacing materials among interior designers, architects, and individual homeowners.

  • Value for money

Digital laminates give value for money as they come pre-finished. That means they do not require any additional finishing, such as polish, sanding, etc. Once installed, they add elegance to the space, taking the decorative quotient to the next level. Furthermore, they do not require tedious maintenance routines. Regular dusting and occasional wiping are all you would need to keep them shining. They do not require any specific cleaner to perform the cleaning job either Read More