Large outdoor events are exciting and can be enjoyed by everyone. Some events like marathons and treasure hunts are able to be attended by all ages while others are limited to certain age groups, such as the dance show. The most important thing to consider during these kinds of events is the safety of the attendees. This article will provide five tips for security during large outdoor gatherings.

Establish a perimeter

A very essential aspects of security is the ability to separate viewers from the contestants or performers. This is known as perimeter setting and it can be achieved by putting up fencing or barriers. After this is completed the perimeter will remain monitored during the entire event by security personnel, police officers and volunteers to ensure there is no unintentional interaction between spectators and performers. Another advantage of having a security perimeter is that it allows you to observe any suspicious behavior from the individuals with your naked eye as well as through the camera placed. Without a secure security perimeter, anyone with hazardous equipment could move into or out of an area without difficulty. With this screening process it will ensure that the event goes smoothly in a safe and secure environment.

Collaborate with other security personnel

When you host an outdoor party that is large, there are many things that can occur, most often bad. To ensure that this doesn’t happen you must have assistance from all possible security guard, police guards, and volunteers that can assist you in every aspect of your event. By combining these resources you’ll have more people to take care of any incident and ensure the safety of all who are in the vicinity. Police can assist you with the identification of any issues, and security will ensure the safety of crowds of people laughing or enjoying themselves, and volunteers will be able to guide crowd to ensure that no issues occurs. Communication with security personnel can assure a smooth event. event security provides a security service offered through a security firm and there’s a security firms located in Billericay that can assist you organize big outdoor gatherings.

Medical assistance

While the security is set up, there will be a possibility of certain issues, such as illnesses or injuries to arise. If this kind of situation occurs, it is essential to offer medical aid for everyone. Even though there will be medically trained personnel working in security for the event communicating with a qualified doctor and nurses who can assist at the event and in medical emergencies is essential. It is recommended to have a variety of medical staff, a few ambulances and doctors in the event of an emergencies. One of the most common problems at a large occasion is when a person is drunk. They may be hurtful to themselves or other people. Therefore, make sure you use the security and medical personnel to look after the situation.

Make plans for the future

Plan ahead and avoid making last-minute calls to all staff members. This is among the most crucial things you can take to ensure sure that your event is carried out according to the plans. There’s a saying “If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail” and that’s the reason why planning is essential. With the help of planning, you’ll be aware of where to place your medical personnel, and where to put your security in and also look for loopholes and then secure it.

Planning for an emergency

Sometimes, disasters is not averted even when all security measures have been put in place. Therefore, sit down with your team and devise the emergency strategy. In the contingency plan you must be aware of how to move individuals around, determine if there is a safe area for people to go to go after any bombs or shooters, and either apprehend them or notify the bomb squad. Also, you should put up signs so that the people are able to move easily through the designated areas.


A big outdoor celebration is when hundreds of people come together to celebrate, and in this, everything can be a disaster. But with the strategies given and if you adhere to the guidelines, each big outdoor event is successful.