Sexuality is a recurring theme throughout “Euphoria”, the HBO Max series. Although we are used to seeing many nude scenes, Zendaya has not done one.

Sam Levinson created the series of euphoriaseries. It is openness to sexuality and drug addiction in young people. As spectators, we have become accustomed to watching explicit nudity scenes. This may seem commonplace but it isn’t for Rue Bennett. Rue Bennett is a character played Zendaya .

Multiple forums have been discussing the topic, where many fans of HBO Max began to speculate about it. “It is strange that all of the actors are willing to get naked, participate in explicit sexual scenes and Zendaya – the lead actress – – it’s not” wrote a user on Reddit.

Zendaya hasn’t performed a single nude scene in the two seasons of ‘Euphoria’.

Even some people will go so far as to illustrate this situation to in the first episode of season 2 where Fezco ( AngusCloud), Ashtray( Javon Wanna’ Walton), and Rue are forced to remove their clothes by a few dealers to search for weapons or microphones.

“Euphoria”: What’s it like on the streets? Angus Cloud auditioning for HBO Max.

While everyone seems to be accepting the threat, Rue has a different deal. When it appears that Zendaya would need to face a nudity test, the camera only looks at her facial expressions. This aspect, while not important to many, has been missed by the protagonist once more.

HBO Max has officially renewed ‘Euphoria’ for a third season.

The fandom attributes these production decisions, although they are not disclosed in an official report. They were made pursuant to contractual clauses that shield Zendaya’s explicit scenes. This is without forgetting that maintained a Disney girl profile even before she was involved in the first season.

Rue is a part of Rue. She doesn’t feel comfortable in her body, and she doesn’t like getting naked in front strong> of others, said a netizen who speculated about the nudity Zendaya has yet to experience. Are you sure Sam Levinson made the right decision to exclude Zendaya in her many sex scenes on Euphoria.