Beds with storage are beneficial and can save you a lot of room in your bedroom. A bed with storage lets you put things away not to take up any room.

It helps keep your bedroom as simple as possible if you want to make it a peaceful place to relax. By choosing innovative and valuable ways to store your things, you can keep them safe and still get to them when you need to.

How you store things in your bedroom will depend on how big it is and how it is set up. One option is to choose a bed with storage, like one with drawers underneath or an ottoman bed where you lift the mattress to get to the storage space.

Pros and cons of King bed with storage

As with any new purchase, you should weigh the pros and cons to decide if this style is right for you:


  • It will help you keep your room clean and make the most of your space.
  • Adds to the room’s design as a whole and gives it a clean, elegant look.
  • Less stuff in a room means less dust, making it easier to clean.


  • Storage beds can be heavy and hard to move, especially when they are full of things. This makes it harder to clean or change the layout of the room.
  • Because it is solid, unlike a bed with a slatted base that can be taken apart completely. 
  • Some people would say that the pros are more important than the cons, but it depends on your situation.

Some of the best beds with storage

Happy beds have many beds and other bedroom items to help you make your room a clean, clutter-free place to sleep. Here are a few that we like:

  1. Barnard gray fabric ottoman TV bed
  2. Walkworth light gray fabric ottoman storage bed
  3. Woodbury 4-drawer storage bed in gray velvet fabric
  4. Marlow gray velvet fabric 2 drawer storage bed

Barnard gray fabric ottoman TV bed

If you want a high-quality with a lot of storage space, you don’t have to look any further. The Barnard gray fabric ottoman TV bed has a clever lift-up mechanism that lets you hide the screen and cables when you’re not using it. It also had a piston-powered ottoman feature that opened from the side. This made it easy to store and get things out of the trunk.

It also looks pretty good. This sturdy piece has a frame made of hardwood wood and is covered in light gray fabric to go with almost any decor.

Walkworth light gray fabric ottoman storage bed

The walk-worth light gray fabric ottoman storage bed is a good choice if you want an ottoman-style bed that opens from the foot of the bed. This stylish bed is simple and valuable. It has a lot of storage space and a buttoned backrest that shows attention to detail. High-density foam and silk fibers make this soft and comfortable. It is of good quality and will last for a long time.

Woodbury 4-drawer storage bed in gray velvet fabric

Do you want a drawer? Then we’re sure you’ll love the light gray Woodbury velvet fabric 4 drawer storage bed. It has two storage drawers at the bottom and a buttoned board. But don’t worry, a solid slatted base means plenty of airflows, even with drawers.

Marlow gray velvet fabric 2 drawer storage bed

Last but not least, if you need a side drawer because of how your bedroom is set up, you might want to look at our Marlow storage bed. This fabric piece is pretty and valuable because it has two drawers and stylish wooden feet.

How to clean the King bed with storage?

  1. Beds with storage containers under them are often shallow, and because there isn’t much room, it’s hard to fit a broom or vacuum cleaner in there. But here are some easy things you can do to keep your King bed with storage clean.
  2. Wet a microfiber cloth with white vinegar at least once a week to get rid of dust. Do not underestimate this job because dust is harmful to everyone, not just people with allergies or asthma. Remember that vinegar is a great way to clean well and naturally instead of detergents.
  3. To clean the inside storage space, use a soft cloth and warm water with mild soap to rub all the panels. Before putting everything back under the bed, make sure it’s scorched since humidity can cause mold to grow.
  4. Don’t forget to raise the bed every so often so that both the lower compartment and your mattress can get fresh air.


When deciding whether or not to buy a King bed with storage, there are many pros and cons to think about. Some of the pros are having more room to store things like blankets and pillows, keeping the bedroom clean and organized, and quickly getting to stored things. The bed price, how hard it is to put together, and the fact that it might take up too much space in the bedroom are all cons. A person’s needs and preferences will determine whether or not they should buy a bed with storage. You can get more information about how to Enhance Your Pool Area with Outdoor Furniture

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