This article examines how the characters of the Encanto Age and their amazing capabilities in the latest Disney musical.

The Disney musical comedy “Encanto” has taken the world of film to the streets since its release on November 24, 2012. The movie is loved worldwide, and special recognition is given to the The Madrigal Family.

The Encanto Characters Age is definitely a factor that has caught the attention of both viewers and critics. The Madrigals are a unique family and their enchanting inclinations have impressed the viewers. There are a variety of reviews about the characters that are diverse and their stories are covered within this piece.

The Encanto Family Characters

The story centers around an amazing family that lives somewhere in the mountains of Colombia. They have a unique home in their town, named Encanto. The most powerful power they possess is healing the sick, and every child, except one is blessed with this ability. The only exception to this is Mirabel. Encanto Character Ages will play a part in this pivotal moment of the story.

The story turns when Mirabel discovers that magic can be danger for her family. She makes it her purpose in her own life protect their family members from repercussions of magic.

She would often get in a heated argument with Abuela Alma who was the matriarch of Madrigals. Alma is determined to get the family members to make use of their power for the benefit of society. Alma appreciates the family’s contribution and thinks about making use of it to commemorate the sacrifices made by Alma’s grandfather and Madrigal’s companion Pedro.

Encanto Characters Age and their role in the family

There are many other characters too who also possess their own unique inclinations. Isabela Mirabel’s sister is the ideal person in the family. Their other cousin, Luisa, is hardworking and strong. The younger, Antonio, is shy but has a big heart. Bruno the uncle of Mirabel has the ability to see the future. Bruno predicts things that are unsettling to Abuela. The fights and the uncompromising relationships with Abuela makes him disappear.

Camilio is able to assume the role of any person and together with his father Felix is a comical addition to the show. Abuela Alma is seventy five years old. old and can be able to answer what age are the characters In Encanto. Alma’s three children Julieta, Bruno, and Peppa are now 50 years older. Augustine as well as Felix are also 50 years old. It is also the case that Isabela is only 22 years old age, and Louisa aged 19. Mirabel is also a teenager. Camila are both 15 years old. young. Dolors is now 22 years old. age. The youngest member of the household, Antonio has five years old.


The article we’ve looked at the history of the character “Encanto” as well as their distinctive characteristics. “Encanto” has been praised due to the appeal its characters create. It is a film that has been praised for its characters. characters in the film character’s age is a great addition on the gap between generations as well as the difficulties that accompany it living a harmonious life, particularly when it comes to the magic. It is musical comedy that has plenty of action and magic for the audience. For more details, read The Age Of Every Encanto Character explained.

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