Elina Gollert is a well-known WAG not just in Denmark however, all over the globe. Elina is born on February 20, 1990. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden. This, for one thing clarifies her zodiac sign similar to Pisces. It also clarifies the country she is from is Swedish. Elina truly represents the pure Scandinavian roots. Her belief in Christianity is on a whole different level. Elina Gollert is the wife of Danish footballer Simon Kjaer of the most fashionable.

Elina Gollert: Physical Stats

Although she’s not a model at all, Elina Gollert appears stunning. Her eyes are hazel and her hair is blonde certainly confirm this truth. She is taller than 5ft 9 inches. She weighs a majority of the 57-kg mark. Elina’s measurements for her body include 36, 28 and 36 inches. Elina’s foot size is 9 (US). The size of her dress is 6. (US). Elina Gollert is not the only one who has any tattoos. But that does not suggest that she is not a fan of the art itself.

Elina Gollert: Presents, Siblings, Education

Elina Gollert is a native of Sweden in Stockholm and was raised in Stockholm. Jason Gollert, Elina’s father is an architect who works as a professional. The mother of Elina, Johana Gollert, is an educator in the field of history. This certainly was a huge help for Elina to have a dazzling childhood. She was raised with a brother who was a teenager called Mat Gollert. Elina attended school at Stockholm International School. In terms of learning, she was not one of the top students. Elina was extremely passionate about fashion. At Stockholm University, she did an undergraduate degree in fashion design.

Elina Gollert: Marriage, Children

Elina Gollert first fell in love with Simon Kjaer when she was fifteen years old. The romance between Elina as well as Simon has been mostly wonderful. But, they were close to separating at one point in moment. In the summer of 2017, Elina married Simon.Elina Gollert with her husband

It was a truly important evening for them both. The beautiful couple is fortunate to have two children , Milas as well as Viggo. Through the years they’ve been in various European cities. The main reason for this is actually Simon’s professional career as a soccer player.

Elina Gollert: Professional Career

Elina Gollert performs very well being a domestic worker. But, she’s planning to open her own business soon. Elina has stated that she will release the details of her brand once it is launched. While she’s an edgy WAG of today Elina is an avid cook. Elina believes that it’s crucial to provide fresh and healthy food to her family. She cares for two kids and her husband with great care. In fact, Elina is a very gentle lady. Her work ethic can be inspiring to millions of people across the globe.

Social Media

Elina has more than 28.3k users over on Instagram. She is an avid advocate for LGBT rights. Her Insta account confirms the reality. Elina’s social accounts are focused on sharing the family life of her children.

Net Worth

Elina’s net worth is believed to be at 1.4 million dollars. She has made use of her husband’s money carefully. It demonstrates her profound knowledge of earning money.

Husband – Simon Kjaer

Simon Kjaer is a Danish professional footballer Simon Kjaer is a Danish professional footballer from Horsens, Denmark. He is the Danish central defender hails from the youth section at FC Midtjylland. Simon made his debut with FC Midtjylland in 2007. Simon was a player at top clubs such as Roma as well as Sevilla until he joined AC Milan in 2020. Simon has played more than 100 times in Denmark. Simon was the first player to make his debut in the beloved nation in 2009.