Mostly, hair fall is a genetic trait that passes down through family generations. Sometimes hormonal changes, side effects of medication, and aging signs also cause hair loss among people. Sometimes, stress and traumatic events result in unusual hair fall, and people start losing their hair with time. Hair loss or thinning hair is quite common among men, women, and adults. Most people embrace that they are losing hair and can’t do anything to get them back, but not everyone finds it easy to accept this fact. However, the advanced revolution in hair restoration procedures, including FUE Hair Transplant Lahore, has given a glimmer of hope as people can enjoy natural-looking and long-lasting results without any surgical treatment.

How does FUE Hair Treatment work?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most popular hair treatments due to its evident results. Also, it’s a non-invasive treatment, and you don’t need to worry about pain, injuries, and other scary side effects. Nevertheless, choosing a certified and qualified hair transplant surgeon for this process is always recommended to avoid any inconvenience and problematic results.

The surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor site by punching micro-sized holes in the desired area. Next, the surgeon prepares hair strands and numbs the area that requires a hair transplant. The next essential step is to insert hair follicles in the holes to prevent wounds carefully.

Can FUE Effect Existing Hair Grafts?

Amazingly, hair restoration procedures started in the 1950s, and such treatments helped so many women and men to overcome the issues of male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and severe hair loss. That’s why; you can trust hair restoration techniques as they were initiated decades ago and reaping positive outcomes mainly when you choose Best Hair Transplant Lahore clinic.

Gone are the days when wearing a hair toupee was considered trendy to hide receding hairline and bald patches. Nowadays, people can rely on updated hair transplant techniques due to their prompt and magical results.

For example, FUE hair transplant is an outstanding choice that works wonderfully by extracting individual hair follicles from the donor site and inserting them (one by one) into the critical area of the scalp. Surgeons use special hair extraction tools to bring more precision and ensure quality results. As a result, patients can achieve more successful outcomes with minimum or no scarring.

Hence, selecting a professional FUE Hair Transplant Lahore surgeon plays a vital role in making this hair treatment successful for you.

What Are the Probable Side-Effects of FUE Hair Transplant?

Almost every other patient wants to know the side effects of FUE hair treatment, primarily if it affects their existing hair grafts or not. Don’t worry; the procedure is safe and doesn’t destroy your existing hair follicles. It can only ‘Shock’ the hair grafts of the recipient area.

Placing donor grafts in a different location alters circulation in the scalp area. That’s why; some hair follicles start falling out during this entire procedure. But you must know that human hair is naturally cyclical, i.e., they grow, sheds, and start regrowing throughout life.

FUE hair transplant makes scalp areas more stressed, and existing hair follicles prematurely shed off during the growing stage. However, you don’t need to worry if your hair follicles are healthy as they can shed off temporarily during the treatment but start growing back with time.

So, don’t get panic when you experience minor hair fall after hair treatment. It is part of the procedure, and your hair starts growing back after some time.

Are You Considering FUE Hair Transplant Lahore Now?

Based on the discussion we mentioned earlier, it is apparent that FUE hair treatment is secure with minimum side effects and maximum success rate. We again recommend you choose the best and most professional surgeons because only experts can strategically place harvested hair follicles to ensure better, satisfactory, and long-lasting results.

Besides, your hair starts growing thick and better with natural-looking results. Another remarkable benefit of choosing a renowned hair transplant clinic or surgeon is that they offer initial consultation before the procedure starts. Moreover, they discuss risk, cost, side effects, and expected results with the patients in the first place. It helps the patient decide whether he is a suitable candidate for the treatment.

So, get the best hair transplant Lahore and make your final decision after proper research and analysis. The Internet is an ideal source for this purpose. First, you can compile a list of surgeons who offer top-quality hair restoration treatments within your affordability. Once you have shortlisted them, the next key step is visiting their website and examining their services.

Don’t forget to check their clients’ reviews and ratings. It’s the quickest way to determine their competency and reliability. Give new life to your hair and get FUE hair restoration treatment from the most popular hair transplant surgeons in Lahore.