Does Eren Yeager DieIn Attack On Titan? Who killed Eren and why?

Eren Yeager, who is the primary character in the Shingeki the Kyojin manga series is always the one who is willing to protect his values regardless of the action that he makes.

Attack at Titan End of Season Part 1. revealed the choices that he made to safeguard his goals. Eren is a believer in Pieck but later loses him when he lures him into the trap, where the forces of Marley appear out of thin air in The Shiganshina district to catch or murder Eren.

Spoilers AHEAD! This post has major spoilers for the Shingeki no Kyojin manga series and should be you should read it at your own risk If you’re an only anime fan.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

Eren is left on his own to take on Marley’s army under the leadership of Magath. With enemies from both sides the battle is multi-front to determine the future of Paradis Island.

The fight gets more fierce as the years pass by with a lot of memories that reveal various facts. Eren has to find out everything from all the flashbacks.

He is now faced with the option of either reliving the same fate that’s been happening for generations, or change the course of history by becoming Evil. Eren Yeager chose to take the second option, gaining real freedom by giving up his.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

Unfortunately, Eren Yeager dies at the conclusion in his Attack on Titan manga series. The chapter in chapter 138 is Shingeki no Kyojin, Eren Yeager is killed at the hands of Mikasa Ackerman in the middle in The Paradis War arc.

Eren Yeager makes the decision to become the Evil to achieve the bigger goals (freedom and an unfettered world from Titans). He became a threat humanity to the point that he killed the majority of humanity through the Rumbling.

With all the members of the Alliance striving to prevent Eren Yeager from destroying the world within Chapter 138 Eren Yeager’s death was inevitable.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan: Why Did Eren Start The Rumbling?

Eren determined to carry out the Rumbling to bring an end battle. To safeguard his friends and eliminate his enemies, he carried out this move.

The Rumbling is a catastrophic moment in which Karl Fritz’s Wall Titans walk through the earth, completely destroying it and wiping off all life that lives on it.

The idea of the present generation of Eldians taking on the burden of their ancestors’ mistakes along with being the front-runners of anti-Eldian nonsense never seemed well with Eren.

Eren Yeager was always feeling the need to protect the people of his home. Particularly, from the cruelty of the world. He witnessed this on the ground when going to Marley.

Eren’s desire for freedom and his sincere desire to protect his home resulted in him committing an execution against the other people.

The moment of his turning point in becoming the antagonist of the world created the conditions for his eventual finality.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan: How Does Eren Die & Who kills him?

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

Eren Yeager is killed at the death of Mikasa. Mikasa is able to enter her mouth from Eren’s Titan form, where his real body is revealed. She is beheaded and then offers him a kiss goodbye.

The final chapter of the series revealed Eren being pushed to his most defining moments, unleashing the full extent of the final Attack Titan transformation.

Mikasa, Armin & Levi along with other colleagues, fight against Eren and Eren, the source of all conflict.

After a while, Mikasa got to enter into Eren’s mouth. Titan form, where his real body is. In one strike, Mikasa severs the head of Eren from its spine.

Eren has survived death in the past the event, and it’s feasible to allow Titan Shifters to recover quickly however it isn’t working this time around, since the final chapter in the manga confirms his demise.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan: Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

Mikasa killed Eren in order to free him from suffering and also from being an enslaver to his love. She also set Ymir free after a period of 2000 years as a slave of King Fritz.

Mikasa is in love with Eren so her that she was an enslaver to her love as Ymir. Whatever Eren is doing or how cruelly Eren is with her, Mikasa will be loyal to him and defend him.

The love she felt for her shouldn’t render her weak and weak. It should help make her stronger to be able to fight. Even if it involves fighting the one she cherishes the most, to prevent him from doing wrong actions.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

When Mikasa Ackerman made a choice to murder Eren she was able to do so because her affection gave her the strength to end Eren. After seeing her kill Eren and made Ymir out from the shackles to her affection for King Fritz.

Mikasa Mikasa gave Ymir the courage she needed to stand up to the king , and she also showed her affection for her. So, she decided to go against the King’s wishes and wiped Titan’s power.

Eren was aware that he would be killed in the end, regardless of what. If he didn’t get Mikasa free, she’d be lost in her thoughts, like her character did during the initial season when she found out about Eren’s murder and began to rampage.

Eren was not looking forward to the identical thing to happen time because Mikasa will have to live her entire life crying in the pain.

To avoid this, she was forced to be able to kill Eren on her own. This was only possible when she was freed from her loveless affair. Eren was aware that Mikasa has the strength and will break her along with Ymir free.

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan: What Happens After Eren Dies?

Does Eren Yeager Die In Attack On Titan?

When Eren passes away, elements of matter go away in the same way, and each Titan is transformed into his human form. Eren’s body Eren is buried beneath the Tree in Paradise Island, the same spot in which Eren was able to sleep as a child.

That means that Titan race is no more which means that the entire world has become liberated and peaceful. The population is finally being able to live without walls within a limited space.

Mikasa carried Eren’s head to Armin the two of them, and they grieved their friend’s death together. Three years later , following the incident, it’s revealed that Eren is buried under the trees of Paradis Island where he’d often napped when a young child.

Mikasa informed him that their family members, Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie, and Pieck will soon be coming to meet him, along with Levi, Gabi, Falco and others. Mikasa said he was content before confirming that she would like to see him again.

When the words were out of her mouth The scarves Eren gave her at the time they first met , slipped off her neck. Surprised, the bird flew in front of her , and wrapped the scarf around her.

While the bird continued the flight of its own, Mikasa announced: “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren.”

About Attack on Titan – Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written by and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha published Attack on Titan in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga started serialization beginning on the 9th of September the 9th in 2009 and ended on the 9th of April the 9th 2021.

Attack on Titan follows the human race that has settled inside three walls that are concentric in Paradis Island to protect themselves from the terrible titans who devour them.

Eren Yeager, a boy of just a few years old who believes that the life of a prisoner is like that of sheep. He would like to break free one day, much like those of the Survey Corps.

As more powerful, powerful and more dangerous titans are able to take over Paradis Island. Paradis Island, Eren and his crew join forces with into the Survey Corps and fight for the survival of humanity.