If you’ve already poked through LED strip lights, it is likely that you’ve come across a variety of catchy words by ways that manufacturers wanted to grab your interest.

A complete assortment of benefits available

Shops promote strip lights with numerous advantages including a variety of colours and lengths, stunning lighting, low prices, intelligent solutions to how to control LED strip lights and easy installation due to an adhesive backing that self-adhesives and the reality that they’re appropriate for any space you’d like. You could imagine imaginative DIY designs for your bathroom or bedroom or perhaps you’d like to embellish your staircase with an impressive way. Another thing you could be thinking about is asking the most important question: Can I put an LED tape on the corners? Learn more about it and discover.

Do LED strip light bulbs bend?

There are many elements that need to be considered in order to be able to answer this question in a proper manner.

What factors affect the flexibility of LED strips?

It’s not difficult to conclude that all types of LED strip lights are flexible enough that they easily adapt to circles and curves –a quick look at the reels on which they are wound will be enough evidence. However, if you wish to turn them laterallyor from side to side and at various angles to adapt the surface, things get somewhat more difficult.

It is important to keep in mind that there are a variety of strips that are not equal in their degree of flexibility.

Basically, strip lights with lower power have more flexibility than the higher-power ones, where LED modules are placed close one to the next The high-power LED tapes need to be outfitted with larger electronic circuit boards (PCBs) to ensure an electrical connection between the two components.

Additionally, LED strips differ in a significant way based on the grade of the material they are made of. If you’d like to ensure that your strip is not damaged in the process of adjusting its shape, ensure you purchase high-quality items.

Also, be aware that LED strip light bulbs are encased by a protective coating of silicone that significantly restricts their flexibility.

How to turn LED strips lights bend around corners

Turning the LED strip light has the possibility of creating an amazing atmosphere anywhere your imagination takes you. The good thing is you are able to have the LED light go around corners in many different ways.

alt=”LED strips that wrap around corners”


If you own high-quality LED light strips that are not waterproof You can generally bend them from side to side at 90°, if you adhere to one of the designated “cut” lines to make sure that you do not harm the strip. It is important to make pleats and folds so that the strip can take an angle and then turn in an opposite direction. There is a chance that if you select a subpar strip, it could cause the LEDs to fail to function. Also, it is believed that this technique could cause the eventual failure of your lighting in the course of time.

Utilizing the connector with the L shape

An alternative that is more beneficial for a more efficient solution, particularly when discussing angles of more than 45 degrees is to cut your strip into two sections by means the L-shaped connector as well as two clips for connectors. To join two strips together, you’ll need to unclip the clips. Then, place the ends of your strips into the clips, and then close them.

Utilizing the connector for corners that can be flexed

Like the one mentioned earlier similar to the one above, this connector is fitted with clips on both ends. These are the places you need to connect the end of the strip units. The distinction is that the flexible corners connectors come with a cable that allows for greater flexibility and lets you put lights with lights with LED light sources even in the most difficult corners.


Soldering requires sophisticated knowledge of electricity and the ability to work with potentially hazardous tools. It is necessary to cut the strip in the direction which runs between the dots of copper and solder connecting wire on those dots to ensure that opposite units can be joined. This method allows the most efficient transfer of electric current from the power source to the units on the strip.

Get the most from your strip lights

Whatever the location you prefer to place the LED strip lights positioned regardless of whether it’s a kitchen cabinet, wall or any other place it is possible to utilize any of the options listed above. Then, let the lights flit through corners.