Everyone dreams of visiting or living in Paris, the capital city of France, a city popular for its romance and high fashion. With thousands of years of history, art, architecture, and mouth-watering cuisines, it is no surprise that Paris stands as one of the most visited cities on the planet. People travel to Paris for various reasons, while some hope to find love, others travel for the purpose of business. Regardless of whatever reason you may want to visit Paris, the beautiful cultural city offers an inspiration to all.

When making travel preparations to a new country, the first thing on everyone’s list after choosing a destination is getting accommodation. In a country such as France, where luxury and comfort are intertwined, the best place to seek accommodation is in a Boutique Hotel in Paris.

Urban Bivouac is a 3-star hotel located at 1 rue Sthrau in the 13th arrondissement of Paris (75013). Its majestic architecture provides not just shelter, but a new home for tourists seeking pleasure, and investors closing new business deals. Built with the best interior designs and 32 luxurious rooms, the hotel is tailor-made to meet your every demand.

Things You Must do When in Paris

There are lots of wonderful things to experience in Paris besides tasting local French delicacies. We have carefully selected the best activities to engage in when in Paris.

Day One: Visit the Eiffel Tower

Completed in two years, two months, and five days, the incredible tower is considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world. It was originally constructed for the functional purpose of being an antenna for the 1st radiophonic transmissions.

Today, this magnificent piece of iron stands as a tourist site, attracting over 7 million people yearly hoping to climb the tower and catch a glimpse of the city from a breathtaking view.

Day Two: Take a Boat Cruise on the Seine

Discover the city of Paris as you board a boat and take a cruise on the Seine, one of Paris’s most significant historical rivers. This 777,000-long river is located in the northern part of France and flows freely through Paris into the English Channel at Le Havre.

It is completely true that Paris is filled with ancient monuments and buildings, cruising on the Seine allows you to freely navigate through these gorgeous landmarks.

Day Three: Take a Short Trip to the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris

A monument that has amassed over twenty million visitors yearly, this spectacular cathedral was once tagged as the most visited place in the whole of Europe. The cathedral does not just stand as a piece of structural appeal but has over the decades acted as a witness to many significant events.


Whether you are planning a peaceful short getaway, a family vacation, or a reunion with friends, Paris offers a million activities for both kids and adults. The nightlife has very often been said to be exciting, and what better place to relax after a fun-filled day than in one of Paris’s most exquisite hotels, Urban Bivouac.