During the pandemic, when the majority of us have been not able to spend time with our companions, applications like Discord have assisted us with staying in contact. It is a free voice, video, and text visit application utilized by a huge number of individuals overall consistently. You could in fact consolidate these elements into your games and take your gaming experience to a higher level. So essentially, you can message, call, or video talk with your companions while gaming through Discord’s Overlay highlight.

Notwithstanding, here and there this include errors, and you might not be able to utilize Discord Overlay. We have directed careful examination to discover every one of the issues that emerge with strife overlay and present to you the answer for your conflict overlay not working.

How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working?

The explanation that you can’t utilize your overlay highlight is presumably only a little bug that you can dispose of in no time flat. Nonetheless, since various frameworks work in an unexpected way, you might need to attempt a couple of the fixes given beneath to find one that works for you.

Friction Overlay Not Working Method #1
Empowering the in-game Overlay in Discord

Presently we realize that this is really self-evident, however now and then individuals neglect to empower their in-game strife. In this manner, prior to attempting some other strategy to fix your overlay issue, guarantee that you have empowered it. This is the way to do this.

Open Use Settings by tapping on the stuff symbol in Discord

In the left board, find Overlay and turn on the switch present right close to the Enable in-game Overlay include.

Presently go to Games through the left board and guarantee that you’ve permitted this element for your specific game. In the event that you notice that the element hasn’t been empowered, click on the screen button, and it should fix your issue!

Now and then, the game you are playing isn’t added to the Discord application list. Click on Add it! To remember your game for your conflict game rundown.

Ultimately, return to your game and check whether the overlay choice is working. In the event that it isn’t, then, at that point, utilize one of different choices given beneath.

The most effective method to fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Strategy #2
Run Discord as Administrator

In the event that you have not given Discord Administrative Authority to run in-game overlays, your conflict overlay won’t work. This is the way to fix it.

Click on Properties after right-click the easy route duplicate of Discord present on your work area.

When the spring up window shows up, select the Compatibility Tab and permit disunity to run as Administrator by tapping on the Run this program as Administrator choice.

Presently click Ok and verify whether your friction overlay is working.

Technique #3
Debilitate the Hardware Acceleration highlight in Discord

This component permits disagreement to utilize your GPU and sound card to run as expected. Tragically, it now and then outcomes in overlay issues.

You ought to consider handicapping the element to guarantee that it isn’t the offender behind your issue. Referenced underneath is the means by which to handicap equipment Acceleration.

Open User Settings in Discord

Really look at the passed on side board to find Appearance.

A switch will be available close to Hardware Acceleration. Switch it off.

In the event that your conflict overlay is as yet not working, you can return to turn on the switch component to partake in a smoother disunity experience.

Strategy #4
Rescaling the Display

Sometimes, an improperly estimated show brings about overlay issues. You want to downsize it to 100 percent to fix your issue, as the overlay may not be appearing on screen because of a wrongly scaled presentation. This is the way to do this.

Hold down the Windows Key alongside I to permit settings to open.

The subsequent stage is to tap on the framework, trailed by the presentation.

Find Scale and Layout in the presentation. Then, at that point, rescale the presentation to 100 percent.

Test your game to check whether the overlay issue has been fixed.

Technique #5
Barring Discord from Antiviral Scans

Your outsider antivirus programming might be disrupting your strife overlay and handicapping it from working. To fix this issue, you may briefly quit utilizing the product or eliminate dissension from getting examined.

On the off chance that you don’t have any idea how to do both of these, read your antivirus documentation to track down guidelines. Then, at that point, follow them to fix your issue.

Strategy #6
Search for Software Interruptions

Assuming different applications on your PC obstruct Discord, the overlay may not work. This is on the grounds that different projects with overlay elements can obstruct dissension’s overlay. You can debilitate these applications to check whether they are causing your overlay not to work. When you handicap them, return to your disagreement and run it. Your overlay component will be working on the off chance that the offender was impedance by other applications.

Strategy #7
Reinstalling Discord

Assuming you have attempted every one of the choices given above and your overlay is as yet not working, consider reinstalling disagreement. You can do this by following the means given underneath.

Hold down the Windows Logo key and R to open the Run discourse.

Go to the Search Field and type control. By squeezing enter, you will actually want to open the Control Panel.

Then, go to Programs followed by Programs and Features. At long last, you can uninstall Discord by double tapping it.

You should restart your PC to see changes.

Go to Discord’s true site and introduce the application once more.

Run your game and add it to Discord.

Make sure to empower Discord Overlay to permit your Overlay to work.

For what reason is my Discord Overlay still not working?

Sadly, a few games don’t permit strife overlay to function as they don’t uphold this element. Subsequently, there isn’t anything that you can do in the present circumstance.

Last Verdict

Dissension is an electrifying application that merits every one of the adulates it gets. It came to us when we wanted it the most to remain associated with loved ones. Maybe its overlay highlight is the best since gaming with companions is clearly multiple times better compared to gaming alone. We trust our hack helped you, and you can now appreciate voice calling or video calling with your companions while gaming.