We’re unable to resist falling in love with the Discord service that is completely free and an excellent method of staying connected with your friends. But, if you find that your Discord continues to restart, then it could be a little annoying.

There are a few options you can fix to fix Discord’s issue with restarting

Take a break, this glitch within Discord performance is very frequent and you’re not the only one who has experienced it.

The issue remains what should be done if Discord continues to restart?

Locate the Discord Cache files and delete the Cache Files

The first step to fix the issue is to remove the cache files which could be the source of the issue. You can locate Discord cache files using an easy Windows search.

  • Click and hold Windows + E.
  • Use “%AppData%\discord”.
  • Click on Delete cache.
  • Tap to erase Local Storage folder as well.

Remove Discord Process through Task Manager and Restart

The technique that involves OFF and ON works every time! This is why you can use to solve the issue using Discord too.

In this instance it is necessary to switch it off by through the Task Manager within your phone.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Clear.
  • Select Task Manager from the next page.
  • Look for Discord on Task Manager.
  • Right click on the Discord option.
  • Click End Task.
  • You must wait for the program to end.
  • Run Discord once more and verify whether the issue is resolved.

Request the Admin to shift Your Geographical location

Have you encountered the scenario where everyone on Discord users are having the identical problem?

It’s not uncommon, and it’s possible Discord restarting is something to have to do with the server in the region you are in. So, you could resolve the issue by moving to a different server.

However, this isn’t entirely yours to decide!

You’ll need to ask the moderator or administrator to modify the settings, if you don’t manage the server by yourself. The administrator can follow these steps to accomplish this.

  • Open Server Settings.
  • Click on Overview.
  • Simply click on Server Region.
  • Switch to a different server.
  • Save the difference.

Make sure that the hardware acceleration is Off

If there is no solution,, then the following suggestion is to go to Settings and disable hardware acceleration.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click Appearance.
  • Click on Disable Hardware.

Click a Few Buttons to Turn Off The Legacy Mode On Your Device

As well as turning off hardware acceleration of your device, I’d also suggest turning off the old mode. This dual action will ensure that your Discord doesn’t randomly reboot repeatedly.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on the Voice & Video option.
  • Re-click on the Audio Sub-system
  • Tap the Legacy toggle, to switch it off.

The issue can be fixed and You’ll be able to enjoy Discord Service Once More!

Discord allows you to create multiple servers or join up 100 servers according to your preferences. After it’s set up the players can select other moderators to their servers. This further creates the possibility of a flexible usage.

Personally, I have found the bots’ addition very useful too. It allowed me to play various songs using voice commands, as well as accomplish other tasks quickly.

But when I discovered an issue with my Discord intermittently restarting I was shocked as well. What’s the fact is? I was thinking I’d never be able to fix this! We all think there is a problem with your Internet connection is not functioning properly however, there may be other reasons as well.

Fortunately, the combination of these five methods above allowed me to take care of the issue in no time. Test these to see if they work for you and inform me how they’ve proved beneficial to you as well.