Who is Dark Joseph Ravine? Dark Joseph Ravine is a Canadian influencer with a major passion for spreading positivity and kindness. He uses his social media platforms to achieve this goal. Ravine has also been featured in many publications. He has always been open about sharing his experiences. He does not follow any trends or try to be someone he isn’t. This article will explore what makes Ravine different from other social media influencers.

            Many influencers let money and fame be their guide and will take advantage of every money-making opportunity at the expense of camaraderie with their fans. That’s not the case, however, for Ravine as he says, “Money and fame do not last forever. Life is about creating lasting memories and doing good deeds. Many influencers lose sight of this and may become rude or arrogant as they become successful. If someone sends love to me, I send love back.  This is not to say all influencers behave this way, but some of them may let success get the most of them.” Ravine insists he would go out of his way to show appreciation to his fans.

            Ravine also likes people from all walks of life regardless of their socioeconomic status. He believes it is important to be friends with others if one feels it is the right thing to do. Ravine noted, “I remember watching on TikTok a major influencer becoming friends with a major celebrity and that how he was waiting for that celebrity to befriend him. I believe that all collabs and relations must be voluntary from both parties. Acting with honesty is integral to being a trusted influencer. Associations based on dishonesty don’t thrive. Therefore, we should aim to behave honestly in all our dealings.”

            As Ravine continues to spread awareness of his kindness mission, he hopes he can use what he has to offer to help others. One kindness always leads to another. Ravine aims to be a role model for kindness and to inspire his fans to be kind to each other. Kindness is what makes the world a better place. Ravine hopes that spreading kindness to others will help us realize what life is truly all about. Pursuit of empty pleasures, such as fame or fortune, proves to be futile in the end. Being happy, helping people in need, and forging valuable memories are the key ingredients to a fulfilling life.