The wrapping of the products traces all the way back to ancient times when Egyptians used to use mulberry bark material to box the products. The example of packaging is rising and is improving day by day. Along these, there are various packaging organizations that are working hard to come up with some interesting packaging ideas.

To win the market it is essential that you utilize some interesting kind of packaging to showcase your hair extensions. The utilization of hair wigs has increased immensely with time. Everyone wants to make their hair look volumized and long. But all people cannot have such good hair and for the event-based or modeling look the hair wigs are handy to change the entire outlook of the person.

There are various brands working amazingly to change the external packaging of the custom hair extension boxes. You can use the different styles inside these boxes to make your brand product look exceptional.

You can use sustainable material boxes to encase your hair wigs. The following are some of the elegant features which you can add to the hair wig boxes:

Sleeve Box Style

You can encase any style of wigs inside these boxes, for example, long hair wigs will look magnificent inside this box type. The sleeve style looks astounding. It is functional in opening and closing. You can add up a silk cloth within the box in order to prevent the tangling issue of the hair wigs.

The sleeve style of the box will attract the clients in one go. There are various associations that are working in the most noteworthy way to add remarkable elements to the boxes. You can simply hire a good packaging firm.

Window Boxes

The window hair boxes can draw in clients from a huge span. Go for making a window feature in any engaging shape like rectangular, round, square, or in another shape on the box. The clients can see elegant hair extensions within this box.

You can design the artistic illustration of the hair on the box to show the customers that you are offering amazing colorful hair wigs.

Further, you can add the usage and the formulation of the hair wig at the backside of the box.

Add Stickers

You can include stickers on the boxes to draw in clients. How you can achieve so? Go pasting the stickers on the boxes in different geometrical styles and get the gold and silver foiling done.

You can get the stickers in any shape like rectangular, circular, or custom shape, and paste them on the outside side of the packaging. You can paste these stickers on the hair extension box packaging to imperatively display them inside the market.

Circular shape Box

Go for designing the fascinating custom hair extension packaging boxes to encase wigs. The round style of the hair wig looks amazing. As you have always seen the square or rectangular shape boxes, therefore, go for choosing the circular one.

Further, add the window on the box so that the interior placed hair must be watched by the spectators.

Go for including the floral artwork on the boxes. You can choose the green and white blossom artistic work to embed on the box to draw the attention of the clients towards your boxes.

Add the Printed Card Layout

You can add the card format design to the hair wig boxes. Go for adding a card with the subtleties of “To”: and “From:” on the custom hair extension box. Like, go for showing this card on the front side of the box.

For instance, at top of the front side add the logo, then, beneath, add the trademark of your brand. If you are encasing the hairstreaks inside the box, add the range name, for instance, ” sparkling pink tone hair ” and add a magnificent bow underneath this text. Like this, your boxes will look unique and alluring.

This packaging will look so incredible that people will straightway buy your product for gifting purposes too. Moreover, your clients don’t need to purchase an alternate card to glue on the box as the generally printed card will be accessible.

Occasional Boxes

Go for designing the boxes exceptional and engaging. As you are aware of this fact that hair wigs are mostly utilized on various occasions. So, you can introduce the limited additions of the wigs which can be occasional based for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc

For making the box for Christmas, you can include the 3d components on the boxes too, for example, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and so on. Your customers will like to buy the hair wigs with the addition of these aspects.

Moreover, you can select the red shade for the hair wigs and can add some amazing quotations on the boxes with respect to Christmas day.

You can likewise add the bow and the dot imprints as well on the boxes.

For instance, you can pick red, white, and pastel green concealing tones for the Christmas hair packaging. As kraft material is biotic friendly and won’t hurt the climate so, go for this material.

For the Valentine boxes, you can also choose the sleeve box style. After choosing the box style add the charming features on the boxes. You can define a red solid boundary circle at the center of the box and add some kind of interesting text inside that circle.

This will make your hair wigs look amazing and alluring. If you have any desire to have extraordinary boxes employ an equipped packaging organization today. Go for getting the custom hair extension boxes to encase your wigs.

Spot UV Boxes

The spot UV is the addition of the UV covering which looks surprising and you can utilize this component to highlight your brand logo. Go for taking the advantage of this feature on the boxes. Add the hair shape within this spot UV outlook so, clients can notice your brand incredibly.

Also, do compose the name of the hair extensions and your brand name too.

For instance, if you are introducing chocolate hair wigs, adjust the hair box in the chocolate shape and design the box in an elegant way.