Once more the capable mix of notable parts and the nature of the task permitted the Chinese studio F95Zone to deliver a commendable item. Tears of Themis will doubtlessly succeed, though not quite as overpowering as it did with Genshin Impact.


In the specialty kind of visual books, the formation of Chinese designers could turn into a pioneer. Furthermore regardless of whether miHoYo get billions of introduces and billions of dollars, a dependable crowd will clearly pay for this cheap task.

The creators draw their motivation from the Ace Attorney series, distributed by Capcom starting around 2001. However, outside visual likenesses are misleading. The plot show, realistic style, interactivity are intended for an alternate crowd.

The plot is introduced as episodes. Every episode is another case. As a lovely young lady, junior accomplice of a law office, we settle wrongdoings to save honest individuals from jail, rebuff lawbreakers and move a little further in a worldwide examination that integrates different cases with a solitary one. En route, the champion makes new associates, reviews old associations and twists in the organization of attractive and rich men.

Try not to be reluctant to lose in court or miss significant proof, you won’t succeed. The game is cordial even to unpracticed players. On account of the arrangement of clues, it is difficult to miss anything, and the quest for inconsistencies in the readings is tackled by a basic list of choices, regardless of whether you comprehend something during the exchanges.

For those familiar with activity motion pictures, the powerlessness to lose weakens the interactivity, makes it characterless and exhausting. On the off chance that you are not keen on the plot of Tears of Themis, then, at that point, the entire game for you will be decreased to unlimited taps on the cell phone screen to flip through pages of message in English. However, for the individuals who favor a tranquil diversion, the miHoYo task will give numerous wonderful minutes.

To comprehend the plot, profound information in an unknown dialect isn’t needed, a decent fundamental level is sufficient. In any case, taking on the story is as yet troublesome, particularly assuming that there is no propensity. Screen interpreters act the hero. It’s a pity miHoYo botched the valuable chance to incorporate this usefulness into their undertaking. Along these lines, extra costs will be expected to buy it. The inquiry is, is it worth the effort.

The scholars attempt to make interest, yet Tears of Themis doesn’t have secrets of the level of an exemplary criminal investigator in the soul of Agatha Christie. The show is on with regards to a similar level as in marvelous attorney series like the last periods of Force Majeure, or present day female investigator fiction. Along these lines, in the event that you seriously hate such amusement, then, at that point, in the new task from miHoYo you will sit around aimlessly.

Yet, the content for Tears of Themis can’t be called defenseless. It is ably fabricated, energizing. It is very conceivable to relax after him. You simply need to play with your eyes and ears, the general media part wins here over any remaining substance.

A small part of the interactivity shows up just on the levels with discusses, which are based on the standards of CCG – collectible games. The player’s assignment is to break the adversary’s contentions with his contention cards. The contentions of the gatherings in the game are addressed by three sorts – rationale, sympathy, instinct. They work on the rule of stone-paper-scissors. Logic(Dispel wizardry 5e) is compelling against compassion, sympathy is against instinct, and instinct is against rationale.

Around this straightforward and basic CCI with siphoning cards, an adaptation framework is assembled. Cards are normal, uncommon, and super interesting. To get them, you want to get their pieces in episodes of the mission and siphon over assets, which are likewise mined in preliminaries and sections of the story crusade. Free evening out is restricted to “endurance”.

Furthermore, obviously, where without a gacha gambling club. Tears of Themis will permit you to gather cards without irritating “strikes” in the recently passed parts.

To urge players to concentrate on siphoning cards, as well as in gathering these cards, the designers have embedded counterfeit obstructions in the level parts (paywalls or grind dividers, contingent upon what you like, grind for quite a while or right away give).

Furthermore, the portrayals of the cards contain parts of stories that will bear some significance with excited players, as certain fanatics of the game say, they are “all the mash”. No strawberries, all things considered, the game is being created by a Chinese studio, and the age rating of Tears of Themis is 3+. Simply entertaining contacts to the representations of legends.

At the hour of this composition, adaptation can’t be called forceful, yet, to the surprise of no one, we rehash that individuals who can’t control their unconstrained cravings to gain some extraordinariness in their assortment should avoid such games beyond what many would consider possible. Patient players will actually want to dominate all the accessible substance without a huge speculation. The drudgery dividers in the game are not exceptionally high.

Notwithstanding, manipulative techniques for adaptation regardless merit judgment. You ought not engage yourself with deceptions. A “ensured” interesting card after a specific number of roulette turns doesn’t ensure the intriguing card you really want.


Tears of Themis is a commendable task from the makers of Genshin Impact and Guiding bolt 5e. However, to appreciate it, you should be in the main interest group of this game and know English. Thus, in the event that you are not a young lady, don’t know English, hate anime overall and visual books specifically, you can cruise by. However, in the event that anything on this rundown is about you, Tears of Themis merits an attempt.


  • A charmingly excellent game
  • Great ambient sound
  • Enigmas, on the off chance that you don’t abuse hints
  • In certain spots intriguing story
  • No forceful adaptation


  • Gacha club and other manipulative techniques for siphoning cash
  • Absence of Russian language