Understand financial consulting

When we have to deal with the analysis of investments and capitals, we find that we do not have the most suitable personnel, that they are poorly qualified and/or that we cannot afford to make decisions on an issue as important as this. In these cases, MOORE MS Advisory is the most appropriate financial consulting solution.

The simplest things are always the most difficult to determine, this statement may be somewhat contradictory but it is the one that best reflects financial consulting and that is that you have to look beyond the financial department to understand the dimension, magnitude and direction that must be taken.

What can financial consulting do for us?

The first thing we should think about when we talk about financial consulting is that one or several members of an external team, outside the company to consult financially and with an impartial and objective vision, are the ones who are going to do the best analysis, since they are conditioned by nothing internal.

Keep in mind that they can be oriented to various objectives and that it is customized at all times to the extent to which you want to go deeper. Some of the purposes include:

Set short, medium and long term goals. If we do not have a goal to achieve, we will never be able to talk about financial evolution. We have to be able to help the senior managers of the companies to establish the course and the desired deadline for the objectives set, with determination, but knowing that it is being asked for.

Review the company from a financial point of view. Whether we are looking for an external financial audit because there is an internal crisis, the balance sheets are showing worrying data, external capital inflow, change of the governing body or simply establishing a full stop; in all these cases the information obtained has to allow decisions to be made useful and correct.

Create a financial plan. Something as basic as having a financial plan is less common than we think, and even less consistent and realistic. In practice, we find ourselves with a pessimistic scenario and an optimistic one to be able to face any situation.

Implement the proposed financial actions. It’s not just about creating a great plan; you have to put it into action. This is where the resources to contribute are determined, the times to follow and the order to take… everything so that the set objectives are achieved.

Alternatives to financial consulting

A financial consultancy is not only in charge of unfavorable situations, but also in key moments that involve changes in which it is preferable to go to experts in the field. An example would be a project in which several companies are going to merge and it is necessary to review at a financial and independent level how each one is separately in order to calculate the feasibility margins of the project.