With inflation increasing at a rapid pace, controlling day-to-day expenses is becoming challenging. From grocery shopping to utility bills, living on a paycheck is somewhat tough. However, entertainment is one such aspect that we all need to have at our disposal to keep us moving. One of the best places of entertainment includes television. 

Television is a great source of entertainment where you can scroll through hundreds of channels to stumble upon your favorite movie, a TV series, live sports events, or a documentary. But behind the scenes, you also have to pay hefty cable bills that demand hundreds of dollars every month. 

Cable TV is not only an option when it comes to the internet era. You can occupy yourself with loads of entertainment all the time and on the go. You might have guessed that we are talking about streaming services. The battle between streaming and cable TV is on the rise. If affordability is one of your concerns, you might need to come to the point where cutting the cord becomes a necessity. 

Cutting the cord is on the rise due to many reasons. If you are thinking of cutting the cord completely, make sure to follow the guide to transition from cable TV services to streaming services. Let’s get started. 

Have a Stable Internet Connection 

If you are cutting the cord completely, you need to depend heavily on high-speed internet. For day-to-day internet usage and streaming, make sure to get the services from a reliable internet service provider like Spectrum. The reason is that it not only offers an unlimited data but also offers a free modem along with a security suite. 

Apart from these free perks, you will also get optimal and timely customer support, no matter whether you are a native speaker or understand Spanish easily. If you want any assistance or want to inquire about the services, you can contact customer support at spectrum servicio al cliente

What Streaming Service Suits You?

If you search online, you will find plenty of options to go for. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling, fuboTV, and Amazon Prime are a few options to look into. However, depending on your requirements, you need to check which service suits you the most. 

If you want to binge-watch series and originals, there is no better option than Netflix. Starting from $10 per month, you can watch Netflix originals, documentaries, binge-watch series, and blockbuster movies. However, if you are looking for on-demand content along with living channels then Hulu + Live TV is a better option. It all depends on your requirements and taste. 

Compare Prices 

Cutting the cord means you want to save tons of money every month. But even after cutting the cord, if you are not able to save money, then keeping a cable subscription is still a better option. Before you subscribe to any of the streaming platforms, it is important to find what amount you are willing to spend each month. Moreover, it also depends on how many members are living in your home. If there are kids, tends, adults, and grownups, you might need to subscribe to two to three streaming services to cater to the needs and requirements of viewers at your home. 

Comparing the prices at first will help you save tons of money in the future. Make sure to choose a streaming service that caters to most of the requirements of viewers at your home.

Take Free Trial before Subscribing 

Streaming services are available in abundance. If you have used Netflix in the past, but not Hulu, then make sure to have a free trial before paying the amount. Most of the streaming services don’t require you to fill in any credit card details – so stay worry-free and use the free trial to try and test different services before you subscribe to any of them. 

Watching Live Channels 

If cutting the cord is the last option and still you are not willing to give up on live channels, then that too is possible on streaming platforms. Most of the streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and many more offer live cable channels to give you all the channels including sports and news. Cutting the cord does not mean giving up on live channels that you love to watch on cable TV. 

Avoid Cancellation Fee for Cable 

Before cutting the cord, it is worth mentioning that most cable providers will charge you a hefty amount if you have signed a contract. To avoid such a situation, you can either wait for some time to fulfill the contract requirements or simply ask for a favor by calling customer service. Most of the time, customer support will help you to avoid cancellation charges by giving some promo offers. 

Summing Up

Cutting the cord is never an easy decision. Especially when you are having plenty of members at your home with a different set of programming and entertainment requirements. The aforementioned tips will help you to transition from a cable subscription to a streaming service.