The ICMPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) message is an idea to a gadget on the best way to get an IPv6 worldwide unicast address. The gadget working framework is likewise the last position to get the IPv6 address. Moreover, the ICMPv6 RA message comprises of the accompanying:

  • Network prefix alongside the prefix length
  • Default entryway address
  • DNS addresses alongside the space name

There are three choices for Router Advertisement (RA) messages which used to get an IPv6 address naturally. The RA message choice 1, SLAAC is the default choice for the switch. We can design the switch interface for the other choice physically:


There are two sorts of IPv6 address auto-setup. One is the old sort to consequently design IP address from IPv4 DHCP. The other sort is to make the auto-setup in IPv6 which enable the hosts to make the auto-arrangement without anyone else without the need to impart to any other individual on the organization. IPv6 makes the existence of the organization executives simpler, particularly with regards to managing colossal location space given by IPv6. IPv6 address number is extremely bigger than IPv4.

SLAAC is the default RA choice which says I’m all you really want (Prefix, Prefix-length, Default Gateway)” accordingly, an IPv6 host can design for itself complete location settings consequently. Utilizing SLAAC a switch connection point is doled out a 64-digit prefix, and afterward the last 64 pieces of its location is inferred by the host or switch with assistance of EUI-64 cycle. The figure underneath outlines the SLAAC Process.

The host PC sends Router Solicitation (RS) message to the Router and the switch answer with RA message including the IPv6 Prefix, Prefix length and any remaining related data.

SLAAC and DHCPv6 stateless

We can arrange the switch point of interaction to send a switch commercial (RA) message utilizing SLAAC and stateless DHCPv6. A stateless DHCPv6 server appropriates DNS server locations and space names as it were. It doesn’t designate worldwide unicast addresses. SLAAC and Stateless DHCPv6 is RA choice 2 which says my data has arrived yet you likewise need to get other data like DNS addresses from a DHCPv6 server.

SLAAC make its own IPv6 worldwide unicast address, switch’s connection residential area the RA’s source IPv6 address for the default passage address and a stateless DHCPv6 server get other data like DNS server address and a space name. The figure beneath shows the SLAAC and DHCPv6 process.

Stateful DHCPv6

It is work like DHCP for IPv4 addresses. A gadget can get its tending to plan and data including a worldwide unicast address, prefix length, and the addresses of DNS servers naturally utilizing the administrations of a stateful DHCPv6 server. The RA message in this choice says that I can’t give you any data you really wanted. Send a solicitation to DHCPv6 server for all your necessary data. This choice recommends gadgets:

  • The connection residential location the switch, the RA’s source IPv6 address for the default door address.
  • A stateful DHCPv6 server to get a worldwide unicast address, DNS server address, area name, and any remaining data.

A stateful DHCPv6 server designates and keeps a rundown of gadgets which get IPv6 address. The default door address must be gotten from the RA message. The stateless or stateful DHCPv6 server doesn’t manage the cost of the default entryway address. The figure underneath delineates the DHCPv6 interaction.

  • The host sends a solicitation for IPv6 address task including other related data.
  • The server answer with appointed IPv6 address incorporating with other related data like rent time, default passage and DNS server address.