There are many free online streaming movie applications and there is a huge concern that if they are legal or not. So there are some which are illegal and using such websites can cause a lot of problems for you.

So yes you better avoid such applications and websites as we know some of this website you might find very interesting and cool but as we said earlier that these websites can get you in a lot of trouble.

Today we are going to discuss about such stuff how bad the things can get for you if you don’t stop using such illegal services.

Everything free can get you in trouble.

Such website like Hurawatch are quite attractive because they offer services by going out of the way and try to attract the users and sometimes they are offering such services for free which are not offered by other online movie streaming websites. 

Such website can become famous very quickly and can get to you within no time. As they have huge collections of movies where you can have hassle free experience. 

These type of website’s provide every premium service which are only enjoyed by the premium users of other users. 

You tell me that if you are paying money for the premium service of any website and then you hear from someone that he/she is enjoying same services for free you might feel like fool and you will not feel comfortable with the money and you also won’t want to pay the money in future.

Harmful for your devices

Such illegal websites can contaminate your system because these website carry harmful malware and viruses which can really affect you mobile, laptop or Tab. 

These viruses can further lead to lagging of your device and you can also get your system files corrupt. So Stay on the safe side and keep your device clean and virus free.

Why people easily fall in such website traps?

One of the very first reasons are they provide extremely smooth and swift experience which really attracts its users. 

The interface on the website in extremely clean and simple which gives its users and attractive and engaging experience and when users are convinced enough and for them all other websites are pieces of trash when compared to these services.

The most alarming part is they can get themselves in trouble without having to know anything about it. Because such websites work for a while and then get banned and deleted. So much worse can happen that if you are found to be involved in using such services the legal action can also be taken against you.

What troubles these site can get you into?

Suspension of the Email

You can get your email I’d s suspended if you are found in such illegal activities and you may also find yourself restricted in using the basic services like YouTube these activities can also get you suspended from such platforms too.

Heavy Fines

You can get fined heavily because of the violations of copyright claims as such websites are complained many times you they didn’t asked for permission to air or broadcast their content.


You can also get yourself in jail so I would suggest you to stay on safe side.

Where to go then?

I would recommend you to avoid such applications like we discussed in above paragraph which might be working right now but not for long because these website doesn’t have a long life because almost all of the stuff of these website are pirated. 

So you can find more about such sites by just one click on the link given above in a paragraph and see more details.