Recruiting software is the current method of sourcing and hiring top-tier talent. These tools assist hiring managers, HR departments, and staffing agencies in streamlining the recruiting process.

Whether you’re a small firm that recruits a few people per year, a major corporation that hires hundreds of applications on a regular basis, or a recruitment agency that links eligible individuals with multiple organisations, recruiting software is critical.

Breezy HR — Ideal For Unlimited Job Listings

It is an end-to-end adoption solution. It is the best recruitment software. This software is designed to attract and hire talented people as efficiently as possible. BreezyHR is trusted by many businesses to satisfy their recruitment needs. With the Breezy HR, you can take advantage of the following features:

  •  Custom settings pipeline
  •  Automated scheduling, messaging, candidate selection
  •  Team collaboration tool
  •  Built-in planning link
  •  Email and SMS scheduling tools
  •  Advanced candidate search
  •  Career site with employer brand
  •  Report and analysis
  •  GDPR, EEOC, OFCCP compliance

The name “Breezy HR” is a bit misleading. This is not an all-in-one HR tool. In other words, once the applicant has participated, it will not be used to manage the applicant. The prices begin at $ 143 per month. So, it is an annual contract. A monthly plan is also available, but it will be free for two months if you sign up for one year. All premium plans include an infinite number of posts and a pool of candidates. Breezy HR has one free plan for active positions. So if you don’t adopt it often, or if you want to test your software before committing, you can.

Workable — Ideal Overall Recruiting Software at Scale

It is one of the top solutions for recruitment software on the market today. It has the distinct capability of assisting both seldom hired organisations and notable recruiting applicants. Over 20,000 businesses have put their confidence in Workable adoption. Since its launch in 2012, the platform has screened over 85 million candidates and enabled recruitment of over 1.3 million. So, this programme includes all you need to handle the complete recruitment process. Workable has it all, from the first open position through evaluating and enrolling the finest candidates. It’s easy to automate specific processes or manual tasks. Send an interview schedule or offer letter. The main features, benefits, and highlights of the

Workable are:

  •  Over 200 job boards
  •  Over 700 open job templates
  •  Offer letter with esign
  •  Over 70 integrations (such as background checks)
  •  Brand career site
  •  Compliant with GDPR and EEO / OFCCP
  •  Pool of over 400 million searchable candidates
  •  iOS and Android mobile apps
  •  Email, phone and live chat support

Workable provides an external recruiter portal. However, in most cases, the software is designed for internal use. The Hire On-Demand plan designed for rare employment starts at $ 99 per job per month. Request a full adoption demo and unique pricing to have access to all of Workable’s features and advantages. Then, try it for free for 15 days.

Bullhorn — Best Recruiting Software For Agencies

Bullhorn is our pinnacle select out for staffing agencies. If you’ve got a recruiting company that reasserts applicants for specific businesses, this software program may be an excellent choice for you and your team.

In addition to applicant tracking, Bullhorn additionally has an integrated CRM, which permits you to control and win greater customers in a single place. You’ll further be capable of music time, ship invoices, control bills, and reveal your gross margins at once inside Bullhorn.

The software program is constructed to scale. You’ll be capable of growing your activity orders, even concurrently decreasing the time-to-fill. In addition, once you’ve located the great applicants on your customers, you may seamlessly control the onboarding procedure for brand new hires.

Bullhorn gives superior reporting as well. You can create any record to provide you with more perception and visibility into the present-day situation of your staffing company.

Other pinnacle functions of Bullhorn include:

  • Job control and publishing
  • Resume parsing
  • Email integration
  • Custom workflows
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Lead tracking
  • Pipeline control
  • Interview control

Pricing isn’t to be had online. But Bullhorn does have a couple of plans to deal with small teams, company firms, and the whole lot in between. Request a loose quote to research greater. This software solution is also great for volume recruitment.