The office environment is not without its own set of needs. One of these is a reliable and stable network configuration. So, if your network is getting a bit shaky, it can hinder your communication with clients or disrupting your online work.

Network problems are commonplace in all workplaces Therefore, it is not necessary to be worried since they can be addressed easily.

Here are some typical problems encountered by office networks and solutions!

Internet connection slow

One of the most frequent issues on the network that is causing slow internet connections can be frustrating as taking a long time. There are many reasons that your internet speed has dropped down.

It is essential to refresh your router and modem from time intervals as the speed can slow because of the constant usage of it. Another reason could be the fact that your modem is old and it’s time to upgrade it with a brand new model.

The speed of your internet also depends on the type of router that you have installed at your workplace. There are a myriad of various routers that are available on the market, and each of them come with different functions. When your workplace space is large and has many devices that are connected on the same wireless network it’s recommended to set up long-range wifi routers to ensure smooth and reliable connectivity.

Check out some of the most reliable wireless routers for long-range use on the market today.

Apart from that You can also verify the issue with your internet service provider and ensure that there isn’t a issues on their part.

VPN Errors

The use of VPN is a common practice. VPN is a common practice at offices. VPN is typically employed to enhance the security of the office network. But, you might encounter VPN mistakes from time moment. It usually happens due to the fact that your VPN gets blocked through the firewall on your network. It is possible to fix these VPN issues by:

  • Verifying firewall settings and ensuring that the VPN isn’t blocked. Try shutting off the firewall awhile and check whether the VPN is working.
  • Examine the VPN connection for all devices at the office. Sometimes, the problem could be affecting only one computer.
  • Verify that the VPN name matches the name of the client. If it does not match then the issue will not be fixed.

By using these strategies to fix your VPN problems. If the issue persists then contact the VPN company.


Attacks by viruses are a regular issue that affects softwares and networks. These problems can be hazardous for the entire system in that it could compromise the entire data that is stored on the devices. The data could be erased, or even worse it could be stolen.

There are many ways that viruses could be introduced into your network without even knowing. You can stop them from happening by staying clear of clicking on untrusted or spammy links, or visiting websites that aren’t secured or downloading spam-related files.

This is the reason why anti-virus programs are a necessity for office today. If a virus does infiltrate your system, it must be ready by installing an antivirus program installed on your system.

If you experience unusual glitches or suspicious activity or your system is often hanging, there could be a possibility that a virus has gotten into the system. This is why you need to use a reputable antivirus program to eliminate the virus.

There is the possibility that the program could not identify the infection. If this occurs then you should immediately seek help from a professional and don’t delay.

Duplicate IP Addresses

There are times when you may encounter an error message stating “IP address already in use” on your computer. This is a different network problem that’s common in office environments. While it’s technically-related however, it’s easy to fix.

The issue with duplicate IP addresses is caused by the router’s DHCP default configuration. If you add an additional device to your network, you should turn off the DHCP server for that device to prevent the issue. IP addresses conflict.

You may also alter the settings of your static IP address to DHCP client. If the issue persists Try getting help from a professional regarding the issue.

DNS Errors

DNS errors can also be technical issues that are because of IP address problems. These problems occur when your device fails be connected to the IP address. There are many times when you will receive messages that read DNS name is not exist and IP address cannot be located, or The network path is not discoveredon the device.

If you find yourself with this kind of error The first step is check to see if the device you are using is on internet. Verify that the internet connection is within a good range.

It is also possible to check the settings for IP addresses and check the DNS networks settings in order to determine the issue. We would suggest getting help from a professional regarding this issue because it’s more of a technical issue and should be dealt with by a tech.

Computer Unable to Connect to Network

This is a common problem that everyone faces working in offices. If your computer isn’t connecting to the network despite the WiFi is turned on, you may attempt the hacks below to resolve this issue.

  • Verify that your computer is within the zone from the router. If it is, you can try restarting both the router and the computer, too.
  • Verify that the cable is functioning properly. Try reconnecting the cable and if necessary, replace it with a brand new one.
  • Review the firewall settings and check if the firewall of the computer is blocking network.
  • It is also possible to reset the network settings on your device. This generally resolves all issues with networks on your device since all settings are reset to their default.

If the methods above don’t work then we suggest professional assistance to resolve these problems.


In the office, network issues occur frequently. When you know more about the reasons why network problems happen, you will be able to determine the best solution. But, this is only applicable to the most basic of mistakes. If you have a major and complicated network issue it is best to look to a professional adviser. This article should have helped to solve the network problems that you have in your office.