For most of us, receiving electricity bills often comes with a shock. However, do you know what things consume the most power?

You may be surprised by the increase in the cost of energy day by day, especially if you have a huge family and young kids. Nobody has a clear idea when the electricity bill will become higher than your expectations. When talking about power consumption. There are a lot of factors that cost your electricity bill. However, electricity and gas are the fastest-rising household expenses in Australia. 

When finalizing with your service providers, make sure to compare electricity plans to get the most favorable one for your home. In estimating power consumption, however, it is important to consider how much electricity your appliance is utilizing and when it is in use, and for how long. Let us have a look at what are the common household appliances that consume the most electricity and how you will reduce your electricity bill.

How to Save Electricity at Home

Table of content

  1. The lighting 
  2. Air conditioning and heaters
  3. Hot water system
  4. Fridges and freezers
  5. Washing machine and drying system
  6. Oven and dishwasher
  7. TV and home entertainment
  8. How can you save on your energy bill?
  1. The lighting 

Modern light bulbs such as LED bulbs use much less energy than old-fashioned Edison bulbs. No doubt in it that LEDs offer good quality light, no heat, and function at a fraction of the cost of older technologies.

  1. Air conditioning and heaters

Air conditioners and heaters are one of the most notorious appliances in every household that cost higher than others. Having energy-draining qualities, they build a huge proportion of your electricity bill. This comes as no surprise that you have to pay the maximum of your electricity bill both in summers and winters. However, Try setting the temperature to 18-20 degrees during the summer, and 25 degrees in winter, as every degree above or below this can increase running costs by around 10%.

  1. Hot water system

Hot water systems are the most power-consuming resource in any home. They use most of your electricity and so makeup around a quarter of your energy usage. Try as much as possible to cut down tier usage by limiting your activities. This causes a significant reduction in your electricity bills. 

  1. Fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers are also up when there is a talk about energy consumption appliances. There are two of the most expensive appliances to run. As they need to be running constantly, with no surprise they can make a substantial contribution to your high energy usage.

  1. Washing machine and drying system

The washing machine uses a little less power which costs you around $70-$100 per year. In comparison with other appliances, there are now the most energy-efficient models available. Most washing machines often have an eco setting as well. However, when it comes to dryers, it could easily add approximately $100 to $200 to your annual electricity bill. 

  1. Oven and dishwasher

Oven and dishwashers have significant use in every household. If you use a powerful oven for one hour a day, it can end up costing more than $1,000 annually, so it is important to consider the power rating before purchasing. However, a normal setting of your dishwasher can cost around $60-$70 per year in electricity alone. It does not account for water costs.

  1. TV and home entertainment

Televisions can easily contribute over $100 per year to your electricity bill, regardless, LED/ LCD models are considered to be more energy-efficient than other options. However,  make sure to always look closely at energy ratings to make an informed decision.

  1. How can you save on your energy bill?

Trying to figure out why your electricity bill is so expensive can be a bit of a headache even on the best of days. However, you can estimate the difference in your electricity bill when you compare electricity plans. Along with installing energy saving and monitoring devices, you can also:

  • Pay attention to most of the energy drainers in your home
  • Find out your energy usage per year, or quarter
  • Approximate your use of the appliances and gadgets you must need
  • Identify how much your provider charges per kWh of electricity
  • Calculate the approximate expenses of running these energy drainers in your home

Once you start to follow these steps, you can then employ various energy-saving methods. These methods include turning appliances and gadgets off at the wall and being more mindful about your usage in general. 


No one can do anything without electricity, but you should be aware of what appliances are using the most energy. Make sure to be mindful about how you use your appliances. Certainly, we have become far too used to just turning things on and forgetting about them. Electric power is a resource and shouldn’t be wasted, both for the sake of saving your bank account and the environment.

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