So, you studied a mixed combination of all subject matters until you were in tenth grade. However, it is time to select your stream—the one that will determine your career. Moreover, the eleventh grade is the most crucial year of your education. As a result, making wise decisions is critical. Also, for that, you need to understand the Science, Arts, Commerce subjects in Class 11.

So, Science (PCB, PCM, or PCMB), Commerce, and Humanities are generally available in the 11th and 12th grades. So, now you might be thinking about the Science, Arts, and Commerce subjects in Class 11.

Additionally, the Arts and Science stream is the most common choice among the general public regarding domains and professional roles. However, everybody disregards that Commerce plays a significant role in every economy. But, people are gradually migrating more toward the Commerce profession in today’s competitive environment. Since they realize how Commerce is often used in each technology field.

So, the stream content of commerce includes business, management, accounting, and economics, among other things. Moreover, the ever-increasing enterprises and necessity for qualified employees in this industry it is in high demand. Additionally, it also opens up global chances for high-paying jobs. Moreover, you have a chance to start your business or be a budding entrepreneur.

Why Study Commerce After 10th grade?

So, one of the main reasons many 10th class students choose Commerce as a stream is its diversity.

  • For example, after passing the Class 12 board exams, we can consider pursuing a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree. So, this three-year undergraduate degree functions as an essential foundation course. Additionally, after it is completed, one can choose from various Post-Graduation courses and specialize in multiple fields.
  • Moreover, after completing Class 12, students can pursue various professional courses through the Commerce stream. Also, a few prevalent and professional manner satisfying career opportunities for Commerce specialists include Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Banking Sector, Learning, and so on.
  • Also, every sector or stream has varied and fascinating job options. Additionally, many students wind up taking various streams or mix the two to improve their job prospects and gain new skills. Moreover, there are many job options available to you, but you should strive to choose one more interested. Additionally, students who major in Commerce have access to many job opportunities. Also, the professions are exciting and provide opportunities to learn about the corporate world.

So, to help you make the right decision for your career, check out the Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12. Additionally, you will find the detailed curriculum of Class Commerce.

Class 11 Commerce Curriculum

So, the students in Class 11 commerce will learn about the business world for the first time. Moreover, they aren’t familiar with the commerce terms in their lower classes. Hence, it can be challenging for commerce students to understand the subjects initially.

Moreover, commerce entails a thorough examination of the business world and its many facets. Additionally, finance, banking, economics, accountancy are just a few lucrative alternatives available in commerce. Also, its goal is to teach students financial education and business knowledge to comprehend the fundamentals of the selling and purchase of commodities from buyers.

Moreover, accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies, together with English, are the four obligatory Commerce subjects in class 11th. Additionally, the core disciplines of Commerce are supplemented by a fifth optional subject.

So, Vidya Setu brings you the detailed Commerce Class 11 main subjects.

Class 11 Accountancy Curriculum

So, Accountancy is one of the compulsory commerce subjects in 11th grade. Additionally, it teaches students how to generate financial statements, keep track of business operations, and create accounting databases, among other things.

So, here is the Accountancy curriculum for both the terms – Term I and Term II.

UnitsTerm – 1 (MCQ Based Question Paper)Marks
Part A: Financial Accounting-112
Unit-1Theoretical Framework
Introduction to Accounting
Theory Base of Accounting
Unit-2Accounting Process:28
Recording Of Business Transactions,
Bank Reconciliation Statement,
Depreciation, Provisions And Reserves
 Total Theory40
 Project Work (Part -1)10

Additionally, you can find the detailed Term II curriculum here. Also, we will be discussing the Accountancy subject in detail. Moreover, the time duration is the same – 90 mins.

UnitsTerm – 2Marks
Part A12
Unit-2Accounting Process:
Accounting For Bills Of Exchange
Trial Balance And Rectification Of Errors
Unit-3, 4Part B: Financial Accounting-II28
Financial Statements Of Sole Proprietorship From Complete And Incomplete Records
Computers In Accounting
 Total Theory40
 Project Work (Part -2)10

Class 11 Business Studies Curriculum

So, Business Studies is one of the Commerce subjects in Class 11. Moreover, the CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Curriculum will aid students in their school exams.

So, in business studies, students understand how businesses operate, their framework, and the procedures that go into their operation. As a result, one gains a solid understanding of the theoretical foundations of managing company processes and their interdependence.

Students should look at the marks distribution of the topics included within the CBSE Class 11 Business Studies before going over the term-by-term Curriculum.

UnitsTerm 1- MCQ Based Question PaperPeriodsMarks
Part AFoundations of Business  
1Evolution and Fundamentals of Business1816
2Forms of Business Organisations20
3Public, Private and Global Enterprises1014
4Business Services14
5Emerging Modes of Business0510
6Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics08
 Project Work (Part 1) 10

Additionally, the Term II paper is also of 40 Marks with a 90 minutes duration.

UnitsTerm 2 Subjective Question PaperPeriodsMarks
Part BFinance and Trade  
7Sources of Business Finance2820
8Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development16
9Internal Trade2220
10International Business04
 Project Work (Part-2) 10

Moreover, during the entire academic year, which is split into two terms, Term I and Term II, students will only complete ONE project.

Class 11 Economics Curriculum

However, we have a basic understanding of economics from our 10th grade. But, the 11th-grade Economics curriculum gives us a completely different perspective on the subject.

So, Economics is one of the required commerce subjects in 11th grade. Additionally, it is available as an elective in scientific stream subjects. Moreover, the study about how an economy works, the connections between global markets, and so on is known as economics.

Also, students learn about the fundamental features of an economy at micro and macro levels. Additionally, these two economics subfields together give knowledge of developed and emerging nations and the fundamentals of statistical methods.

Also, the detailed class 11 Economics curriculum is as follows:

UnitsTerm 1 – MCQ Based Question PaperMarks
Part AStatistics for Economics 
 Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data09
 Statistical Tools and Interpretation – Arithmetic Mean, Median and Mode10
 Sub Total23
Part BIntroductory Microeconomics 
 Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand13
 Sub Total17
Part CProject Work (Part 1)10
UnitsTerm 2 – Subjective Question PaperMarks
Part AStatistics for Economics 
 Statistical Tools and Interpretation – Measures of Dispersion, Correlation, Index Number17
 Sub Total17
Part BIntroductory Microeconomics 
 Producer Behaviour and Supply13
 Forms of Market and Price Determination under perfect competition with simple applications10
 Sub Total23
Part CProject Work (Part 2)10

Class 11 Commerce Subject List

So, the study of commerce and industry activities, including the exchange of goods or services from the manufacturer to the end customer, can be interpreted as commerce as a field of study. Additionally, accountancy, Business Studies, Economics are the critical and mandatory topics covered in the Commerce stream.

Also, we have listed below all the Commerce subjects in Class 11: 

  • Accountancy (Mandatory)
  • Business Studies (Mandatory)
  • Economics (Mandatory)
  • English (Mandatory)
  • Informatics Practices/ Mathematics 
  • Physical Education 

So, apart from the mandatory subjects, students need to choose their optional subjects. 


So, Accounting is the practice of recording, assigning, and outlining commercial transactions. Moreover, it offers management feedback on an organization’s financial performance and standings. Additionally, a transaction’s recording, classification, and reporting are just a few accountancy tasks. Moreover, the process of preparing any data as a report for individuals and companies for using it outside of the organization is defined as ‘financial accounting

Business Studies

So, Business Studies is a broad subject that enables in-depth study of various topics. Also, Finance, accounting, marketing, and organization are examples of this. Moreover, it provides a solid foundation and knowledge of running a business while improving communication, operational processes, strategic planning, and commercial activity abilities.


So, Economics is one of the most complicated and important topics in commerce class 11 2021-2022. Additionally, it offers students a thorough understanding of an economic system and why reading it is so important. Also, it gives you an understanding of how the national and international economies work. Moreover, understanding the global economy will aid you in future career choices.

Informatics Practices

So, Informatics Practices is a study stream focused on software. Additionally, the focus of the course is on software, networking theories, and coding. Moreover, this field is similar to Computer Science but without hardware ideas. Additionally, its focus is on networking concepts rather than computer programming.


Because all economic methods rely on numbers, mathematics is essential for commerce. Moreover, an organization or individual can recognize where they hold financially in the near and long term if they have a basic understanding of math fundamentals. Additionally, Stock control, marketing, financial reporting, financial statement analysis, and demand forecasting are areas where most businesses use mathematics.

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So for planning your future, you must first understand the possibilities and scope accessible to you. Additionally, this section contains the commerce class 11 main subjects and the CBSE class 11 syllabus. Also, we hope that clarity has brought your ambiguity to a stop. Moreover, make wise choices for your group to ensure a bright future. Also, to make your learning easier and smoother, Vidya Setu’s platform is always there to assist all the students. Moreover, students can find a vast pool of informative content, in form of video, question paper, quizzes and lot more.

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