The common street drug, cocaine, appears like a fine crystal powder in white. Drug peddlers often mix this drug with flour, cornstarch, or talcum powder for profits. One of the recent activities is mixing cocaine with the synthetic opioid fentanyl. This is a dangerous combination, which has led to many overdose deaths. Cocaine users are unaware they are taking fentanyl-laced cocaine. 

A drug you must stay miles away from

Cocaine is one of the world’s most dangerous and highly addictive drugs. Once you get used to taking it, you cannot stop it as per your will. You need rehab

Cocaine re-wires your brain, which becomes dependent on this drug for normal functioning. There comes a time when you must take it continuously to function well. 

The irony is: you think you are functioning well with cocaine when, actually, this drug is silently destroying your body and brain. 

Drug rehab in Indiana provides a ray of hope for cocaine addicts. Their intensive withdrawal treatment and rehabilitation programs give addicts a new lease of life. 

Getting “high”

Mixing cocaine powder in water and injecting it into the body quickly mixes the drug into the bloodstream. It reaches your brain fast and causes a flood of dopamine, the happy hormone. As a result, you feel on cloud nine. You are super confident and super energetic. You feel like you own the world. 

This rush of pleasure is one of the most sought-after effects in the world and makes cocaine a desirable drug. 

Alas, cocaine doesn’t make you feel like this forever. Just like the quick “high,” cocaine gives you the quick “crash.” 

As the effects of the drug wear off, you come down to Earth from cloud nine. Your body struggles to recover from whatever happened. One moment you were euphoric; the other moment you are depressed. 

Now you need more cocaine to experience the “high” again. 

So you see, it’s like a “black hole,” sucking you into it and draining you of all the energy. In the end, you are left with ill health, a damaged heart, a damaged brain, an exhausted appearance, sulking eyes, and lifeless existence. 

If you love yourselves, get out of cocaine addiction as fast as you can! But you can’t do this on your own. You must take help. Contact a rehabilitation center. The experts here are apt in dealing with cocaine addicts. They can help you come out of your addictive state, no matter how severe. 

Cocaine psychosis

Using cocaine frequently overloads your brain and body with a potent stimulating agent. The body cannot handle it. This causes serious side effects. One such effect is psychosis. 

According to doctors, psychosis is a condition wherein a person loses touch with reality. He or she is lost in ‘some other world.’ He or she experiences hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. This makes him or she behave in a weird manner, even dangerous at times. 

Cocaine can do bizarre things to your mind and body. It is better to call the hotline for addiction and enroll in a rehabilitation program to save yourselves or your loved one.