If you live in a small home, condo or apartment, you may have difficult-to-organise spaces. For, if you put too many things in a small room, it appears cluttered and smaller than its actual size. So, how to arrange things without making a small room messy or congested? Well, you have to show your creativity when considering storage solutions to your small spaces. 

In this article, we outline a few clever storage ideas. You can use these simple but effective ideas to maximise the space in your tiny home or apartment. 

1. Add Multipurpose Coffee Table

For a busy living room, you can add a multipurpose coffee table. Make sure to purchase a coffee table with hidden storage compartments or drawers. Such furniture lets you stash magazines, trays, books and other personal belongings for easy storage. 

A coffee table with drawers is also ideal for keeping wine openers, remotes and other small things that you want to keep out of plain sight. Or, you may even consider a repurposed trunk box with a lid to store your board games, kids’ toys or different books. 

2. Under the Bed Storage

We understand that your bedroom is a perfect space to relax and unwind, not to stuff things. But if you want to free up the space in other rooms and floor space, you may consider under-the-bed storage. The under-the-bed storage is ideal for keeping extra bedding, shoes, blankets or other things that you want to keep away from sight. Meanwhile, these stored items are at your arm’s reach. So, you can get them easily whenever you require them. Plus, it helps you eliminate the clutter in a simple but effective way. 

3. Add Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are perfect storage catchalls that are also easy to relocate to any desired area. Wondering how to organise items with baskets? Well, these are handy to work with. If your kids often spread their toys all around, you can stash them in these baskets. This helps you clean up the area with ease while concealing all the mess on the floor. 

You can even put a big wicker basket next to your couch to store throw pillows and cushions. Or you can use them to store your books and keep them at arm’s reach while relaxing on a couch. The best thing about a basket is that it’s available in various sizes. So, you can place them at any nook in a room. 

4. Under Floor Storage

If your house is pinched for storage space, one easy solution is under the floor storage. You can consider making storage compartments under the floorboards. You can store any item in this hidden compartment while maximising the available room space. 

5. Ottoman Storage

If you want to add extra storage to your home, it’s best to consider furniture units that also double up as storage items. If you are seeking a convenient place for storing throw blankets and pillows, consider a trunk box or ottoman with a storage compartment. A trunk box with aesthetic details can help you store your items while adding a decorative touch to your interior. On the other hand, a storage ottoman doubles up as extra seating space. 

6. Entryway Storage

Looking for refreshing interior design ideas to add life into an entryway? You can consider adding a narrow or small console table in the entryway. It acts as a functional storage catchall and item. Make sure that the selected console table comes with drawers. It gives you more space to stash your keys, totes, mail, sunglasses and other accessories that you may need while heading out. 

Meanwhile, the surface of the console table is ideal to hold a mirror, table lamp, tray for keys or a vase for decoration. If it has an open base, you can utilise the area underneath for keeping shoes or baskets. 

7. Install Floating Shelves

You have to find storage areas in your small home to maximise each nook and cranny in the room. Also, make walls parts of your storage by installing floating shelves. You can use hollow areas or empty spaces on a wall with the installation of floating shelves or cabinets. 

Or you can consider adding Slatwall panels for making flexible storage space. The slats also help you secure shelves that are easier to rearrange, add or remove as you desire. 


When it comes to maximising small spaces in a tiny house or apartment, you need to follow creative storage ideas. It is best to follow the mentioned storage ideas to make your small home organised and clutter-free. These ideas are simple to apply and have a perfect visual impact. After all, it’s about aesthetics and functionality when you want to organise small homes or apartments.