This article will provide information about the credibility of This article will help you to find Chicmes reviews, and make a profitable deal.

Shopping online is a great option. Many online shops sell fashionable clothing. Today’s article will focus on online clothing shops. This site is very popular in Russia. is its name and users must verify that it is genuine before purchasing items. This website’s credibility must be checked by users using Chicmes and Chicmes Review. In the rest of the article, we’ll talk about whether this website is safe to buy online.

What’s, an older online store that focuses on clothing and beauty products, is called Chicme. It is the only website that sells clothing specifically for women. This site will allow people from Russia to shop for a variety of clothes, including skirts, jackets and tops as well as sets of two or more pieces.

The site’s ability to offer a broad range of products at a reasonable price is not a guarantee that it is reliable. To verify the legitimacy and answer Are chicmes legit, read the entire post.

Specifications for

Many consumers lose money by purchasing items from fraudulent websites. The site must be authorized before you place a purchase. You can trust our detailed analysis to determine the credibility of the portal.

  • Domain registration date – 30 September 2007
  • Portal URL –
  • Email
  • Contact Number – Unspecified
  • Headquarter Location – Lacking
  • Social Media Sites Active social networking profiles
  • Payment Options Payment Options VISA/Paypal, MasterCard, and Many More
  • Returns Guidelines – You can return within 14 days of purchase
  • Refund Policy – Mentioned

The buyer may be assured of the security of the items they purchase through this website for the reasons stated. You must be aware of these facts before you visit this website. Read the pros and cons of Chicmes before you visit reviews.

The advantages of shopping through

  • Customers will be pleased with the variety of products on this website.
  • Portal URL and Portal of the website are identical.
  • This HTTPS link protects the website.
  • You can link to the portal from many social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.
  • The site’s design attracts customers and shows that it was created with expert help.

What are the cons of shopping at

  • Although the site is approximately fourteen years old, it has a low trust score.
  • This page does not contain any information about the portal’s contact number.

Can chicmes be used legally?

To determine the legitimacy of this website, we reviewed all available information. Be patient if you are considering purchasing anything from this store. Fraudulent internet sites have increased to new heights. To avoid scammers, continue to read this blog post.

  • Domain age The portal was established on September 30, 2007. It is an older 14-year-old.
  • Portal Trust Ranking The trust score for is 23%, which isn’t significant.
  • Alexa score Since is only a few years old, it has an impressive Alexa rank.
  • User Testimonials – There are many Chicmes Reviews, which we will discuss in the feedback section.
  • Official Location of the Firm Official Location The corporate address is not listed on this website. Only the contact information is.
  • Owner Information Owner Data Owner data is not available on
  • Company Guidelines Each particular includes the portal’s guidelines for exchange, refund and return.
  • After placing their first order, Irrational Deal Irrational Deal purchasers will be able to receive offers from the official website.

Based on our research and other factors, appears to be authentic. It is highly recommended that you go through the whole site. The website.

Chicmes Reviews

Websites with authentic reviews can increase their effectiveness. Buyers are more likely to buy items if they have good relationships with their customers. Customers’ reviews are crucial to increasing sales and spreading word about a company.

During our research, we discovered a lot of reviews on this website. Many reviews are available on a variety websites. Although there are many opinions, the majority are positive. Many reviews are available on social media. Learn Everything you need to know about The Paypal Scam.

Final Verdict sells clothing and beauty products for women. After analysing the entire website from beginning to ending, including Chicmes Review, we concluded that it is genuine. Although it has excellent reviews and domain age, its trust score is lower than average.