Do you have a tendency to spend your time watching or watching online videos?

If yes there’s a website to might want to call Chanflix. The site lets you earn money by watching movies.

If you are spending hours playing online movies, then why not make money with the internet, isn’t it? Before I proceed to sign up, I would suggest studying this Chanflix review first. This is because I’m going to provide my honest opinion of what this website offers.

I personally have viewed this website to make sure I can give you my honest review of whether it’s worthwhile or not. After having read this review, you are able to determine if you have to join the site as an account. Let’s get started now.

What is Chanflix ? And what is it?

Chanflix is a peer to peer video streaming platform that allows you to earn money from watching movies. It is a legitimate platform as you can earn money from watching videos.

If you’d like to determine if it’s worth it, first you have to know the way it functions. The best way to find out is to examine the income of Chanflix. Here’s how you can earn money with Chanflix.

Option 1: Watch the video
As previously mentioned the best way to earn money on Chainflix is to view videos on the platform. But, before you begin raising money on this platform, you have to go through the “Know Your Customer” procedure via the web site.

If you’re unfamiliar, KYC or Know Your Customer is a way to identify your customer frequently employed by mutual funds or websites with the option of having their own currency. The typical KYC letter is written and sends a copy the paper you prefer to use (see image below).

As you will see, you are able to utilize your passport, driver’s licence, or residence permit for the KYC procedure.

After you have chosen the option, you can take your photo of the document and upload it to the site. The instructions will explain how to take pictures of your document. Make sure you follow the instructions.

After placing all orders be patient until Chanflix to process your order. It can take about a week or so before your application is approved. After approval, you are able to begin earning CFXT as the name of the cryptocurrency utilized by Chanflix.

What is the best way to pay?

As I mentioned earlier there is still a chance to earn cryptocurrency with Chanflix. If you’re trying to make money, then Chanflix is not the right place the right channel for you.

Before you sign up for a membership on Chainflix first, make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with CFXT. Once you’ve got this you can take out your money from Chainflix at any time you wish since there isn’t a any specific point at which you must follow to increase your earnings.

This website is fantastic. You can quickly earn more money. If you’re interested in various websites about cryptocurrency, and still earn money quickly I would suggest that you check out the most reliable websites to earn free bitcoin.

Final decision

Chanflix is a streaming video platform that allows you to earn money from watching videos. There are benefits, but there are disadvantages you need to know about.

This review will conclude by discussing its benefits and disadvantages , so that you have an overview of what it can provide. After that, you’ll be able to determine which one is the best for you.